Monday, September 26, 2011

Korean Box Office Update (09/23-09/25, 2011)

Weekend of September 23-25, 2011:

Title Release Date Weekend Total
1 The Crucible 9/22/11 685,784 914,369
2 Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon 8/10/11 149,183 7,042,686
3 Contagion (us) 9/22/11 111,932 133,147
4 Mr. Popper's Penguins (us) 9/7/11 85,808 848,949
5 Marrying the Mafia IV 9/7/11 74,487 2,283,806
6 The Killer Elite (us) 9/22/11 70,238 90,591
7 The Client 9/29/11 61,074 61,074
8 Countdown 9/29/11 32,100 39,279
9 Pained 9/7/11 24,591 673,342
10 Champ 9/7/11 17,824 514,194
- Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild 7/27/11 10,704 2,171,074
- Hindsight 8/31/11 5,452 761,276
- Blind 8/10/11 4,798 2,355,927

Business was once again a little slow with 1.4 million tickets sold overall. That's slightly below last year's comparable weekend which had 1.8 million admissions. 7 of the top films were Korean and this is now the 9th weekend in a row where the top place has been occupied by a local film.

After strong previews last week, The Crucible (aka Silenced) has conquered the local box office with a big 685,784 tally on its opening weekend, that accounted for a 48.9% share of the marketplace. With nearly a million admissions tucked away already it will be interesting to see how far this goes although it will come up against some stiff competition next weekend.

Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon took its biggest slide yet as it retreated nearly 50% in its 7th weekend, although its 149,183 admissions were enough to push it over 7 million. While it is unlikely to crack 8 million, Arrow will now challenge for the local number 1 spot currently occupied by Sunny and its 7,369,213 take.

Marrying the Mafia IV took another big dive this weekend, this time over 70%. With 74,487 tickets sold this weekend it remains to be seen whether it has enough to go over its predecessors 2.5 million total.

Pained sold 24,591 tickets after falling nearly 80% and now has 673,342 admissions as it winds up its run. Champ suffered a similar fall and 17,824 for a 514,194 total. Outside of the top 10 Leafie, A Hen Into the Wild, Hindsight, and Blind all posted small numbers.

The Client and Countdown, two hotly anticipated Autumn releases, had their previews this weekend.  They scored 61,074 and 32,100 admissions respectively and all eyes will be on them when they open in earnest next weekend. Also in the mix for the top place will be The Crucible's sophomore frame.

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