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Korean Box Office Update (01/13-01/15, 2012)

Puss in Boots Holds Local Films at Bay

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Puss in Boots (us) 1/11/12 33.80% 590,740 704,725 593
2 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (us) 12/15/11 18.00% 362,326 6,914,588 461
3 Love On-Air 1/5/12 10.80% 225,174 781,810 358
4 The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (us) 1/11/12 9.50% 185,758 228,385 321
5 Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (us) 12/21/11 7.70% 154,399 2,160,333 270
6 Perfect Game 12/21/11 6.40% 128,734 1,392,738 266
7 The Outback 1/12/12 3.30% 70,297 87,383 234
8 White Vengeance (hk) 1/11/12 2.70% 55,498 70,345 163
9 My Way 12/21/11 2.20% 45,009 2,121,331 219
10 Friends: Naki on Monster Island (jp) 12/29/11 1.70% 36,930 496,880 191

For the fifth weekend in a row a major Hollywood release has trumped local fare at the Korean box office.  A new champion, of the animated variety, rose to the top this week.  Overall business was up from 1.47 to 1.75 million admissions year on year while once again the market share for Korean films tumbled to 24%, from last year's 43%.

Shrek spinoff Puss in Boots had a big weekend with 590,740 tickets sold.  That's a lot more than Megamind which took the top spot at the same time last year.

MI4 added another 362,326 tickets to its enormous haul as it dropped less than a third and is now inches from the 7 million mark an could still threaten another milestone, making it the biggest film released in 2011.

Love On-Air (aka Wonderful Radio) had an encouraging small drop (20%) in its sophomore frame which, given poor reviews, I wasn't expecting.  The future looks a little rosier for the midlevel film but after such a mediocre opening this is closer to damage control than success.  Still, if it continues like this it could end up well north of the one million mark.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo opened with 185,758 which is not a particularly encouraging figure for a film tat was expected to play strongly in international territories, maybe word of mouth will bolster its run further down the line.  Perhaps Sherlock Holmes sequel Game of Shadows dropped about a third as it crossed the 2 million mark with its 154,399 weekend, a good showing for a sequel that has underperformed elsewhere.

Perfect Game stayed more or less flat this weekend with 154,399, which is impressive.  It will come close to the two million mark but is unlikely to cross it.  Animated film The Outback, featuring a number of K-pop star on vocal duties, opened soft 70,297.  Truth be told I hadn't even heard of the film before this weekend, I'm not sue who else did.

Hong Kong period epic White Vengeance began its run with 55,498 while mega-blockbuster and equally large box office bomb My Way slowed to 45,009 in its probable final top 10 finish.  Friends: Naki on Monster Island Japanese anime roudned out the top 10 with 36,930.

Next Week:  Lunar day weekend is nearly upon us and it's about time as the tired current local fare is in desperate need of replacement.  Opening next week are Pacemaker, Dancing Queen, Neverending Story, and Unbowed. Pacemaker looks to come out on top but let's hope it can nudge out foreign competition for a much needed local win.


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