Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Watch Free Korean Films on Drama Fever!

While many Korean films are available to buy through specialty Asian retailers, options are still frustratingly slim in individual markets outside of Korea. A few local distributors specialize in Asian film distribution but broad selections of easily accessible Korean films (with subtitles) have been hard to come by. But now the online streaming service Drama Fever has expanded into Korean films, and they boast an impressive lineup of free to watch Korean movies that is growing by the week.

Currently featuring 58 titles (54 of which are Korean), Drama Fever showcases the best in commercial Korean cinema and has also been dipping its toes into acclaimed independent cinema. From recent commercial hits such as Very Ordinary Couple, Architecture 101 and The Man From Nowhere to cult favorites such as Antarctic Journal (2005) and The President's Barber (2004) and arthouse fare including Barbie, Vegetarian (2009) and Tale of Cinema (2005), Korean films fans (or indeed any fan of well made cinema), should have no trouble finding something to suit their tastes.

Here at MKC we're very pleased to announced a partnership with Drama Fever, which will include previewing some of the great films they have on show and we may even have a few titles available to view directly on the site before long. Drama Fever titles are only available to viewers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Click here to see what else they have on offer. Happy viewing!

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