Top 10 Korean Films of 2014

Best of the Rest

It's always hard to pick only 10 films when there's so much on offer so here are an other 15 that almost made the cut:

Man on High Heels
My Brilliant Life
My Dictator
Scarlet Innocence

The Rest

If you're curious to know what other films I had a chance to see in 2014, here they are:

18 - Eighteen Noir
A Dynamite Family
A Fresh Start
An Omnivirous Family's Dilemna
A Record of Sweet Murder
A Touch of Unseen
An American Friend
Big Match
Dad for Rent
Dear Dictator
Director's Cut
Fashion King
Fluid Boundaries
For the Emperor
Golden Chariot in the Sky
Heart of Snow, Heart of Blood
How to Steal a Dog
Innocent Thing
Late Spring
Love Never Fails
Kinda Famous Band We Believe
Mad Sad Bad
Man on the Chair
Miss the Train
My Love, Don't Cross that River
My Love, My Bride
Night of the Prophet
Nothing Lost
Ode to My Father
One for All, All for One
One Night Only
Pick Up Artist
Pohang Harbor
Red Carpet
Romance in Seoul
Santa Barbara
Set Me Free
Shadow Island
Slow Video
So Very Very
Strangers on the Field 
Tabloid Truth
Tazza: The Hidden Card
The Actress Is Too Much
The Cloudy Bridge
The Crimson Whale
The Divine Move
The Fair Wedding
The Hospice
The Liar
The Little Pond in Main Street
The Plan
The Poem of Sleeping Artist
The Road Called Life
The Road to School
The Suffered
The Tenor Lirico Spinto
The Threshold of Death
The Watchtower
The Wicked
The Youth
Thread of Lies
Tunnel 3D
Wake Up, Chun Ja!
We Are Brothers
Whale of a Documentary
Where Is My Seed?
Whistle Blower
Wild Dogs
Wind on the Moon
You Are My Vampire
Zombie School

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