Top 25 Korean Films - No. 21

Someone Special (Dir. Jang Jin, 2004)

Jang Jin, a prolific director, and often writer and producer for other filmmakers, has a dazzling list of comedy credits which includes Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005) and Going by the Book (2007). His dialogue is effortless and witty and he seems to tap into an endless supply of ideas for outlandish and gut-busting scenarios, but while so many of the elements in his films land on point, a few do drop by the wayside. However, among all his works, there is one that is that never drops a beat and packs in a emotional wallop as well as a consistent volley of laughs.

A riotous and perfectly cast romcom, Someone Special goes far beyond any reasonable expectations for the genre. Well made, expertly plotted and successfully balancing a variety of moods, themes and plot elements, it’s the best thing that Jang has ever done. The saturnine Jung Jae-young, his frequent stalwart, leads the show with one of his best performances and he is ably assisted by a delightful Lee Na-young.

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