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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MKC Thought Leaders' Corner: North Korea in South Korean Cinema (May 2013)

North Korea has been in the news a lot lately for its latest round of belligerent actions. Many believe that Western media has been exaggerating the danger the communist state poses to South Korea's national security. I can't say that I've noticed any especial alarm among the local populace yet there's no denying that the oppressive regime casts a long shadow over the country. Cinema is just one of the places where this is readily evident, so this month I asked the experts:

Has Korean cinema's representation of North Korea changed over the years?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekly Review Round-Up (09/10-09/16, 2011)

I've probably missed a few things as I am traveling in Dublin but a very wide range of films represented this week including a trio from @refresh_daemon of Init_Scenes who has been very active of late!


(, September 10, 2011)

(, September 13, 2011)

(The Daily Page, September 7, 2011)

(KoreanIndo, September 10, 2011)

(Modern Korean Cinema, September 10, 2011)

(Twitch, September 10, 2011)

The Unjust (French)
(Des Bons, des Brutes et des Cingl├ęs, September 10, 2011)

(VCinema, September 14, 2011)


Breath, 2007
(, September 9, 2011)

(At the Cinema, September 11, 2011)

(, September 9, 2011)

Singles, 2003
(, September 9, 2011)

(, September 16, 2011)

(Hangul Celluloid, September 13, 2011)

The Weekly Review Round-up is a weekly feature which brings together all available reviews of Korean films in the English language (and sometimes French) that have recently appeared on the internet. It is by no means a comprehensive feature and additions are welcome (email pierceconran [at] gmail [dot] com). It appears every Friday morning (GMT+1) on Modern Korean Cinema. For other weekly features, take a look at Korean Cinema News, and the Korean Box Office UpdateReviews and features on Korean film also appear regularly on the site. 

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