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Monday, January 9, 2012

Korean Box Office Update (01/06-01/08, 2012)

MI4 Takes Fourth Victory Lap, Closes in on Record

Title Release Date Weekend Total
1 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (us) 12/15/11 477,851 6,243,796
2 Wonderful Radio 1/5/12 281,296 334,855
3 Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (us) 12/21/11 223,500 1,862,606
4 Perfect Game 12/21/11 133,580 1,155,313
5 Friends: Naki on Monster Island (jp) 12/29/11 118,342 407,958
6 My Way 12/21/11 112,905 2,002,323
7 The Darkest Hour (us) 1/5/12 82,684 98,450
8 Lion King 3D (us) 7/9/94 46,257 270,993
9 Spellbound 12/1/11 46,231 2,945,469
10 Pokemon: White - Victini and Zekrom (jp) 12/22/11 30,116 345,153
- My Barefoot Friend 12/15/11 378 2,970
- Bleak Night 3/3/11 139 22,350
- Green Days 6/23/11 120 51,195
- King of Pigs 11/3/11 118 18,782
- Jam Docu KANGJUNG 12/22/11 68 502

Local business had another tough frame with only one midlevel opening and diminishing returns from holdovers as Hollywood continued to trump domestic offerings.  1.62 million tickets were sold this past weekend, a marginal increase of last year's comparable weekend whereas the Korean film market share was down to 35% from 75%.

Mission Impossible IV continued its remarkable run, banking another 477,851 admissions, though that was down a little over 50%.  With 6,243,796 tickets sold to date it's still another 1.5 million away from Transformers 3's 2011 crown which may be mission impossible but we'll see if Ethan Hunt and crew can pull it off.

Wonderful Radio, in the midst of terrible reviews had a so-so opening with 281,296.  Assuming a less than encouraging word of mouth, the picture may see a quick exit from theaters, especially as it loses screens and business in two weeks to lunar day releases.

The second Sherlock Holmes lost about half its business in its third outing, garnering 223,500 sales.  It looks set to cross the two million mark, which will likely be its last major milestone as it continues to diminish through the month.

Perfect Game has crossed the one million mark but has done so with little fanfare as the well-received baseball pic has added 133,580 to its total this weekend.  A mediocre performance for a big holiday release.

Meanwhile My Way dropped all the way to number 6 as it added 112,905 admissions and has now inched over the 2 million mark, so much for 10 million!

Spellbound at number 9 sold another 46,231 tickets as it winds down its run and is now very close to the 3 millin mark.

Jesus Hospital is the Korean film opening next week and I can't imagine it will be in any position to boost domestic ticket sales.  We'll have to wait until the following Lunar Day weekend when a number of high profile releases find their way into theaters.  MI4 may spend a fifth week on top, unless The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo opens big.

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