Sunday, June 17, 2012

Korean Box Office Update (06/15-06/17, 2012)

Concubine Seduces the Box Office For Second Straight Week

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 The Emperor's Concubine 6/6/12 21.60% 379,354 1,720,595 536
2 Madascar 3 (us) 6/6/12 18.00% 311,454 1,000,913 557
3 All About My Wife 5/17/12 13.60% 238,402 3,820,013 370
4 Lockout (us) 6/14/12 11.10% 201,263 237,522 373
5 Runway Cop 5/30/12 7.90% 145,036 1,098,518 282
6 Men in Black 3 (us) 5/24/12 7.50% 135,452 3,231,814 332
7 Prometheus (us) 6/6/12 8.80% 129,265 801,391 322
8 Sadako 3D (jp) 6/14/12 4.90% 71,346 87,953 261
9 Don't Click 5/30/12 3.00% 57,234 837,617 254
10 The Thing (us) 6/14/12 1.50% 27,886 33,462 173

In the light of the absence of any new big marquees titles in the marketplace, this weekend was pretty much a rehash of last week with the top three reprising their spots. Despite the lack of new titles, business remained relatively brisk, recording a total of 1.75 million admissions, about a third more than last year while the market was only a fraction below the majority threshold, though higher than last year's 40%.

Leading the pack was Korean period drama The Emperor's Concubine which dipped only 27% from its strong opening for 379,354. It'll go sailing over the 2 million mark within a few days and should already be considered a big success, however its sophomore performance was likely bolstered from the quiet marketplace. Word of mouth still hasn't been very strong for this and it could easily take quite a tumble in week 3.

Madagascar 3 pulled in another pair of strong weekend days for a solid 311,454, which nudges its total just over the one million mark. It will likely pass another as it has been heavily marketed here and it will not face any competition for a few weeks.

All About My Wife dipped a very soft 20% for a stellar 238,402 to bring it within swatting distance of 4 million, which it should cross before next week.  I feel its run is about to wind down though as audiences will seek out something fresh.

Guy Pearce actioner Lockout had a so-so opening with 201,263, audiences seem to be bypassing this one as they seek fresh cinematic thrills.

Meanwhile Runway Cop also had a slight dip as it earned another 145,036. It's total now stands just past the one million mark.

Meanwhile, Men in Black 3 got sliced in half as it added another 135,452 to its haul. Though an impressive run it will likely start to fall in the near term.

Prometheus took a big hit after its minor opening with 129,265 in sales. Crossing the one million mark is possible but certainly not a guarantee, in any case a disappointing performance.

3D J-horror Sadako 3D had a poor opening with only 71,346 admissions. K-horror Don't Click shed two thirds and earned 57,234, as it prepares to exit theaters while US horror remake The Thing had a devastating opening in last place.

Lot of big Korean releases next weekend, including Miss Conspirator, The King of XXX-Kissing and I Am, should be interesting to see who comes in first place and it may be a tight battle, until then!


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