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Korean Cinema News (07/05-07/11, 2012)

Plenty of news this week so dig in! PiFan is just around the corner by the way, get started next Thursday!


Check out the following previews for this year's PiFan, written by myself and James Marsh over on Twitch:

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Im Sang-soo Joins Locarno Film Festival Jury
Following his rocky appearance at this year's Cannes Film Festival, Korean director Im Sang-soo is heading right back to a major European film festival. Though after presenting his Taste of Money at the recent mediterranean fest, he will now be part of the jury at this year's Locarno Film Festival, which takes place in August. (Modern Korean Cinema, July 11, 2012)

Korean Film Prevails at Japanese Short Film Fest
Mom Came Over the Sea, the debut short from director Jun Yeon-kyung, came away with two awards form the Short Shorts Film Festival in Japan. It picked up an accolade for Best Actor and received the Audience Award. (KoBiZ, 11, 2012)

A record-breaking 83 million tickets were sold in the first six months of the year, this was a sizable 21% increase over last year and represents the by far the largest take for the period. Domestic fare made up the majority of that number why an encouraging 53.5% share. Seven of the top ten films were local. (KoBiZ, July 11, 2012)

Seoul's Last Remaining Old-Style Movie Theater to Close
Seoul's last remaining old-style cinema with a hand-painted movie billboard will fade into history this week as the owner wants to remodel the building into a large-scale hotel. (Yonhap News Agency, July 10, 2012)

Korean Films of the ’80s: Why so Erotic?
On Feb. 6, 1982, director Jung In-yeop’s legendary erotic romance “Madame Ae-ma” was released at the Seoul Cinema Theater in Jongno, central Seoul. The venue was completely packed with an excited crowd, and fierce competition for tickets ensued, resulting in broken windows. It was the first Korean movie to be screened late at night, after the nightly curfew had been lifted exactly one month before. (The Jakarta Post, July 8, 2012)

Korean film DVD Wins 'Best Rediscovery' Award at Il Cinema Ritrovato
A DVD set of classic Korean movies titled "Landscape of Postwar Period" received the "Best Rediscovery" award of the Il Cinema Ritorva, which recently ended in Bologna, Italy, the Korean Film Archive (KOFA) said Thursday. (Yonhap News Agency, July 5, 2012)

Dangerously Excited, which opens here tomorrow, will be competing at the Dallas Asian Film Fest, it will also be joined in competition by the popular Ha Jung-woo romcom Love Fiction and the the Yim Pil-sun and Kim Jee-woon sci-fi omnibus Doomsday Book, which is also serving as the closing film of the event. (KoBiZ, July 4, 2012)


Lee Joon-ik Interview
There are very few areas of Korean cinema that director Lee Joon-Ik has not had an impact upon. Known for being both a director and producer, he has also influenced Korean film distribution and directed film festivals as well. He began his cinematic career in the 1980’s before directing his first feature, Kid Cop, in 1993. (Hangul Celluloid, July 8, 2012)
Korea's De Niro, Choi Min-sik
He may forever be referred to as Oldboy (2003) due to his pivotal role in Park Chan-wook's action-thriller of the same name, but there's little doubt Choi Min-sik is one of the Korean's finest actors who has delivered unforgettable performances in the dozen or so films he's done. Unfortunately, only a handful of them have made their way to these shores, mostly thanks to the annual New York Asian Film Festival. (, July 6, 2012)

Kim Ji-woon Talks Arnold, Hollywood Debut Film
Film director Kim Ji-woon, 48, is often dubbed a “cinematic stylist” in the Korean film industry. With a filmography that spans a variety of genres, from the horror film A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) to noir film A Bittersweet Life (2005) to the Korean spaghetti western The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008), Kim has shown the Korean public a versatility as an auteur and a talent for stylish cinematography. (Joong Ang Daily, July 4, 2012)



The Grand Heist


(Modern Korean Cinema, July 8, 2012)

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