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KBO: Masquerade Still Top After Enormous Holiday Week (10/05-10/07, 2012)

Masquerade Still Top After Enormous Holiday Week

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Masquerade 9/13/12 48.00% 849,999 8,220,479 867
2 Taken 2 (us) 9/27/12 16.20% 271,598 2,094,497 507
3 Ghost Sweepers 10/3/12 14.80% 264,961 617,456 479
4 Brave (us) 9/27/12 10.40% 188,398 963,115 478
5 Spy 9/20/12 4.10% 73,413 1,255,749 296
6 Ted (us) 9/27/12 3.00% 49,642 217,239 204
7 Wolf Children (jp) 9/13/12 1.30% 24,286 297,537 124
8 Tad the Lost Explorer (us) 9/20/12 0.50% 10,432 202,045 96
9 Take This Waltz (ca) 9/27/12 0.40% 6,291 19,412 22
10 13 (us) 10/3/12 0.30% 5,760 8,670 108

Following a raft of holiday weekdays in the wake of the Chuseok holiday, business has continued to be brisk though still largely dominated by one enormous holiday release. Total admissions came in at 1.77 million, almost 40% over last year's comparable weekend, while the local market remained healthy at 70%.

In its fourth weekend, Masquerade once again topped the chart with a commanding 849,999. However, the real story were the preceding weekdays which, together with this past weekend, cobbled together 3 million admissions, making the film the second-biggest hit of the year with still plenty of gas left in the tank.

Taken 2 remained in second place with 271,598, though that represented a 60% slide. Still, it crossed the two million mark, a rare feat for a Hollywood thriller.

Opening wide this weekend, Korean shaman comedy Ghost Sweepers underwhelmed with 264,961. The confused marketing likely hurt this film's chances but with Masquerade performing so well it's hard to see how any other Korean film could have stolen its thunder.

Pixar animation Brave held on to 4th spot and most of its audience for 188,398 and is now a fraction away from the one million mark. Not an incredible result but nevertheless a necessary milestone for this kind of film.

Spy dropped two spots and lost a lot of business as it attracted another 73,413 spectators. The film was optimistically positioned as a Chuseok release but with only 1.2 million in the tank after a few weeks of release, it is a fair to say that its performance has been a disappointment.

Anticipated thriller A Company Man, staring So Ji-seob, opens next week and will likely have a good outing though Masquerade may not be ready to give up its crown.


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