Monday, November 19, 2012

KBO: Werewolf Boy Fights Off Twilight For Third Win (11/16-11/18, 2012)

Werewolf Boy Fights Off Twilight For Third Win

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Werewolf Boy 10/31/12 34.40% 901,842 5,093,692 678
2 Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (us) 11/15/12 34.60% 880,700 1,080,756 665
3 Confession of Murder 11/8/12 17.20% 416,119 1,538,341 388
4 Code Name: Jackal 11/15/12 4.10% 109,017 141,284 301
5 Masquerade 9/13/12 3.80% 98,383 11,933,678 283
6 Skyfall (us/uk) 10/26/12 2.70% 69,181 2,285,115 239
7 Sinister (us) 11/15/12 1.10% 26,386 33,809 183
8 Upside Down (us) 11/8/12 0.40% 11,328 169,384 107
9 Jungle Emperor Leo (jp) 11/8/12 0.30% 9,984 38,984 56
10 Brave (us) 9/27/12 0.20% 5,424 1,228,682 34

With 2.62 million tickets sold over the weekend, business was up over 100% year on year. The local market share was also up significantly, from 45% to 60%, all the more impressive given the release of an enormous Hollywood franchise installment.

Fighting off some fierce competition, A Werewolf Boy maintained the top spot for its third straight weekend as it accrued another 901,842 tickets sales. The fantasy romance pic is now over the 5 million mark, making it the third most successful local of the year, and will likely cross a few more milestones in the coming weeks.

The final entry in the popular tween Twilight franchise, Breaking Dawn Part 2, had a big debut with 880,700 admissions. This represented a 40% increase on its predecessor which bowed around the same time last year. An impressive start, even if it couldn't wrest the top spot from the local champ.

Confession of Murder had a strong hold following its decent start, adding another 416,119 admissions to its total, which is now just over the 1.5 million mark. More holds like this will could bring it as far as 2.5 million but at the very least it will cross 2 before it finishishes its run.

Lotte's high-concept romantic comedy Code Name: Jackal had a disastrous debut with only 109,017 admissions. Safe to say that it is unlikely to remain in the charts for long.

Masquerade continues to hang in there, though it did slid 45% this frame, for another 98,383 and 5th place. The film is quite close to the 12 million mark, which it should cross by the end of next weekend.

Skyfall had a big 70% slide in its third weekend as it added 69,181 to its total, but has now crossed its predecessor Quantum of Solace to become the highest-grossing entry in the franchise in Korea.

A lot of limited Korean releases will be bustling into theaters next weekend but the only one with any real shot at box office glory is Chung Ji-young's National Security which Megabox will roll out on 200 screens. The buzz on the pic is high and the sensitive narrative is timed to coincide with next month's presidential election. If Chung's previous film Unbowed is anything to go by this could be a big hit but given the flic's focus on torture it will likely be a tough sell.


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