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KBO: Werewolf Boy Opens Big, Masquerade All-time No. 5 (11/02-11/04, 2012)

Werewolf Boy Opens Big, Masquerade All-time No. 5

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Werewolf Boy 10/31/12 48.70% 1,030,285 1,294,479 707
2 Skyfall (us/uk) 10/26/12 22.80% 459,005 1,694,359 581
3 Masquerade 9/13/12 13.10% 272,736 11,418,849 404
4 Perfect Number 10/18/12 5.30% 108,248 1,462,108 316
5 Argo (us) 10/31/12 2.70% 56,647 79,989 238
6 Confession of Murder 11/8/12 2.60% 49,809 59,519 214
7 Brave (us) 9/27/12 1.00% 23,145 1,211,560 106
8 Almost Che 10/25/12 1.00% 21,287 215,887 195
9 The Peach Tree 10/31/12 0.70% 13,980 24,048 201
10 Savages (us) 10/31/12 0.40% 8,340 13,278 171

Business was once again brisk this past weekend as over 2 million tickets were sold, a big haul for this time of year and well above last year's 1.3 million. After a brief swing last week with the new Bond film opening, the market share was once again dominated by local fare as Korean films accounted for 72% of sales, a slight increase over last year.

Topping the chart this weekend was CJ's Werewolf Boy, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. It over-performed as it took in an enormous 1,030,285 giving the studio another hit after Masquerade. Though not loved by all, the film has been well-received and may do well in the coming weeks.

Slipping a little over 40%, Skyfall sold 459,005 tickets in its sophomore frame, a decent hold for a franchise that has not traditionally been too popular in Korea. The new 007 installment is knocking on the door of 2 million admissions and should have no problem crossing 2.5, which I believe would make it the successful entry in the series.

Masquerade slowed 33% in its 8th weekend, adding another 272,736 to it gargantuan total which is over 11.4 million. The film has now crossed Haeundae (2009) to become the 5th most successful Korean film of all time. It should also handily cross Taegugki (2004) in the coming week or so for number 4 but The King and the Clown's (2005) 12.3 million total at number 3 may be a bridge too far. In any case, it still has some steam left in the tank.

Perfect Number, the third CJ film in the top 4, took another hit as it grabbed 108,248 admissions to bring its total just shy of 1.5 million. At this rate it won't cross the 2 million mark and though not an outright failure its performance may be seen as a disappointment.

Ben Affleck's well-reviewed Argo had a tiny 65,647 opening at number 5 while Showbox's Confession of Murder pulled in 49,809 admissions in previews ahead of next week's opening.

With no major US release on the slate for next weekend, it'll be a battle for first place between the sophomore run of Werewolf Boy and the wide debut of thriller Confession of Murder, which has been receiving some positive buzz.


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