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KBO: The Tower Rises to First in Powerful Xmas Weekend (12/28-12/30, 2013)

The Tower Rises to First in Powerful Xmas Weekend

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Tower 12/25/12 30.70% 873,155 1,694,650 617
2 Les Miserables (uk/us) 12/19/12 26.70% 751,684 2,955,910 621
3 Love 911 12/19/12 13.00% 370,787 1,596,902 427
4 The Hobbit (us) 12/13/12 8.40% 204,958 2,533,231 383
5 Marrying the Mafia 5 12/19/12 5.00% 144,316 961,275 338
6 Wreck-It Ralph (us) 12/13/12 3.90% 113,083 570,142 320
7 Niko 2: Little Brother (de) 12/25/12 3.20% 95,513 207,057 284
8 Zambezi (us) 12/25/12 3.00% 86,922 205,150 273
9 My P.S. Partner 12/6/12 2.20% 57,345 1,767,310 157
10 Pokemon (jp) 12/19/12 0.70% 38,781 316,515 164

Business was booming over the Christmas weekend as spectators braved the cold weather to drive admissions up to 2.84 million, a slight increase over last year. However, the local market share saw a much sharper rise as it almost doubled to 51%, a very strong number for the season.

Leading the frame was the very last wide Korean release of the year, the big-budget disaster tentpole The Tower. The film debuted to a solid 873,155 following its enormous debut on Christmas on Tuesday, when it posted the second-highest opening day for a Korean film. Things are looking good for the film as its prepares to conquer the New Year's holiday.

Meanwhile Les Miserables barely saw any decline as it scored another 751,684. The musical blockbuster is already less than a day away from the 3 million mark. An extraordinary performance to date and there no reason to think it will let up any time soon.

At number 3, Love 911 stayed strong as it was off only 10% for 370,787. The film is guaranteed to pass the 2 million mark at this point, securing profitability in the process.

The Hobbit saw another big drop as it saw its take sliced in half for 204,958. At this rate the blockbuster may not cross the 3 million milestone, though it will certainly come close.

Marrying the Mafia 5 rounded out the top 5 with 144,316, a steep slide from its debut.


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