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KBO: Man on the Edge Maintains its Edge (01/18-01/20, 2012)

Man on the Edge Maintains its Edge

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Man on the Edge 13/01/09 31.40% 876,555 2,501,068 603
2 Jack Reacher (us) 13/01/17 14.00% 389,003 465,281 431
3 Hotel Transylvania (us) 13/01/17 11.50% 335,707 393,587 489
4 The Impossible (sp/us) 13/01/17 9.70% 277,529 339,730 408
5 Les Miserables (uk/us) 12/19/12 9.70% 271,876 5,317,090 373
6 The Tower 12/25/12 9.10% 259,016 4,941,668 406
7 Life of Pie (us) 13/01/09 8.50% 169,036 1,316,624 279
8 The Reef 2: High Tide (us/kr) 13/01/10 1.70% 51,573 248,266 235
9 Cloud Atlas (us) 13/01/09 1.80% 48,035 426,480 235
10 Love 911 12/19/12 0.60% 16,333 2,469,056 97

January continues to perform above usual as 2.8 million admissions were recorded over this past weekend. It was significantly up from last year's 2.2, despite the fact that that was the Lunar New Year's holiday frame. The market share was down a little to 42% but then again only three local releases charted.

Man on the Edge built on its stellar debut with a slight increase for 876,555. The popular gangster comedy is already over the 2.5 million mark and will soon be knocking on the doors of the 3, 4 and quite possibly the 5 million milestones.

Tom Cruise vehicle Jack Reacher had a solid opening with 389,003, no doubt aided by the star's recent appearance in the country to promote his new film. What is less certain are the film's prospects going forward.

Animation Hotel Transylvania opened well with 335,707 but will likely take a fall next week as it goes up against some stiff local competition.

Tsunami drama The Impossible also opened well with 277,529 but will probably recede quickly in the coming weeks. Blockbuster musical Les Miserables had another small drop as it took in 271,876, adding to its ever-growing total which is well over 5 million milestone and may still make it to 6.

Meanwhile disaster pic The Tower finally took a hit as it saw half its audience eaten by the busy new frame. Nevertheless it still added 259,016 to its impressive total which is quickly approaching the 5 million mark.

Next week will see the release of the touching family comedy Miracle in Cell No.7, which stands a strong chance of beating out its competition. The hugely popular cartoon character Pororo is also getting his big screen adaptation but I'm not convinced his popularity will translate into a giant success.


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