Monday, January 7, 2013

KBO: The Tower Repeats to Ring in the New Year (01/04-01/06, 2013)

The Tower Repeats to Ring in the New Year

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Tower 12/25/12 32.80% 812,841 3,539,879 638
2 Les Miserables (uk/us) 12/19/12 21.40% 525,258 4,207,834 587
3 Life of Pi (us) 1/1/13 17.70% 345,807 610,835 392
4 Love 911 12/19/12 10.00% 246,937 2,221,828 374
5 Wreck-It Ralph (us) 12/13/12 3.60% 92,471 802,151 279
6 The Hobbit (us) 12/13/12 3.50% 79,246 2,776,058 262
7 Zambezi (de) 12/25/12 2.90% 78,403 390,759 238
8 Niko 2: Little Brother (gr) 12/25/12 2.20% 60,030 371,661 226
9 Marrying the Mafia 5 12/19/12 2.00% 50,052 1,133,216 210
10 The Nutcrack 3D (us) 1/3/13 1.00% 26,933 34,821 132

Business remained very strong following Tuesday New Year's day holiday, resulting in close to 2.5 million admissions, a 35% jump over last year. However, the first weekend of the year was won by Hollywood, as local fare was only able to post a 36% share, largely due to a lack of Korean titles on marquees.

Staying almost flat at number 1 was The Tower with 812,841, which has already soared over the 3.5 million mark. 5 million seems a sure thing at this point though it should begin to wind down now that holidays are behind us.

Les Miserables continues its strong run with another 525,258 (down only 30%). With 4.2 million and counting, Korea looks to be one of the strongest global markets for this popular musical.

Opening in third place was Ang Lee's highly regarded Life of Pi which managed 345,807. A strong performance for a hard to market film as the unique visual spectacle has been performing strongly in IMAX.

Love 911 slid just over 30% as it posted 246,937, leaping over the 2 million milestone in the process. The film will end well over 2.5 and may come close to 3.

US animation Wreck-It Ralph ascended to fifth place with 92,471 as it looks to score a million admissions.

Next week will see CJ's musical drama My Little Hero, Showbox's shaman gangster comedy Man on the edge and the much-touted Cloud Atlas bustling into theaters. On the back of a big press machine, look for the latter the clinch the top spot.


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