Monday, March 4, 2013

KBO: New World Repeats up Top, Stoker Unconvincing (03/1-03/03, 2013)

New World Repeats up Top, Stoker Unconvincing

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 New World 13/02/21 29.40% 849,376 2,530,048 604
2 Miracle in Cell No.7 13/01/23 25.10% 777,968 11,704,634 577
3 Jack the Giant Slayer (us) 13/02/28 19.40% 545,550 659,854 507
4 The Berlin File 13/01/30 6.40% 189,296 6,997,749 362
5 Stoker (us) 13/02/28 5.80% 165,408 240,639 329
6 12 Chinese Zodiac Heads (cn) 13/02/27 5.20% 162,566 217,242 300
7 Delhi Safair (In) 13/02/21 2.50% 83,606 280,563 263
8 The Giant King (us/th) 13/02/21 1.00% 33,808 149,067 180
9 Sky Force 3D (us, hk) 13/02/28 0.90% 30,991 43,496 183
10 An Ethics Lesson 13/02/21 0.60% 18,065 215,985 147

March got off to a good start with almost three million tickets sold as this past weekend almost doubled the performance of last year's comparable frame. The local market share remained strong at just over 60%, in line with last year's performance.

Clinching a second consecutive chart victory was the gangland thriller New World which brought in another 849,376 admissions as it stayed level with its initial outing. 2.5 million spectators, many of whom are raving about it, have seen the film to date.

Refusing to go anywhere was the enormous hit prison comedy drama Miracle in Cell No. 7 with 777,968, off only 9%. With already 11.7 admissions counted, there is a real chance it could unseat Avatar (13.3 million) to become the all-time most successful film in Korea.

The Hollywood fantasy adventure Jack the Giant Slayer had a powerful debut with 545,550. A far better showing than it's lacklutre US debut.

The Berlin File was down 37% for 189,296. It likely crossed the 7 million mark in the early hours of this morning. That will be the final major milestone for what has been a very strong run for the action spy thriller.

Park Chan-wook's US debut Stoker fared a lot better than his compatriot Kim Jee-woon's The Last Stand but with only 165,408, it wasn't exactly something to write home about. Granted it is a film with only limited appeal that is currently playing on the arthouse circuit in English-language markets. However, the reviews locally have been strong and it may stick around for a little while.

Down at number 10, An Ethics Lesson saw its theater count shredded and consequently dropped almost 83% for a measly 18,065.

Next week, CJ's supernatural procedural The Gifted Hands, starring Kim Gang-woo, should drum up a decent amount of business but may find itself in a stiff competition for first place. Hollywood's Return to Oz will also be opening.


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