Friday, June 21, 2013

Edinburgh 2013: Day II - Getting the Hang of Things

Part of Connor McMorran's coverage for MKC of the Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 19-30, 2013).

Having gained a better understanding of how a film festival operates, I used my second day to watch some films and better acquaint myself with other festival aspects like the videotheque. Getting to Edinburgh for 9AM was quite a challenge, but it was worth it to finally see Shin Su-Won’s Pluto. What was rather disappointing however, was the lack of people in the screening. It could have been the time of day, or it could have been the lack of awareness about the film itself, but whatever the reason it left me hoping that the two public screenings were well booked. Looking at the schedule for this morning, I noticed that Pluto clashed with Hideo Nakata’s latest horror The Complex and the UK/North-Korea co-production Comrade Kim Goes Flying. It seemed weird to me that three films from the same ‘niche’ were grouped together like this. I guess clashes are inevitable at any festival, film or otherwise.

Today, I saw three films:

Pluto (Korea, 2012)
Hawking (UK, 2013)
Virgin Forest (Korea, 2012)

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