Thursday, June 27, 2013

More NYAFF Goodness!!!

Okay, so with the first NYAFF trivia contest announced yesterday and the deadline for that fast approaching MKC has a treat for all you Ryoo Seung-Wan fans in the New York area. This year Subway Cinema not only managed to score a print for the director's latest film The Berlin File as well as his 2010 crime epic The Unjust but they're also going to screen the director's martial arts fantasy film Arahan.

Released in theaters in 2004 Arahan's action comedy elements should have been embraced by Korean audiences but sadly it went unnoticed. Screened at NYAFF in 2005 the film earned rave reviews from fans and now the film returns again to New York to wow audiences again.

Of course, the winners of this contest not only win tickets to the 3:45 pm screening on June 30th but Ryoo Seung-Beom will be in attendance at the screening, as part of a career retrospective of the actor's work. So the lucky few in attendance will get the chance to pick the actor's brain and probably get a few of their DVDs signed. And all you have to do to get this prize is send your answers to this contest's trivia question to [email protected] before 12 noon on June 30th. 

Trivia Question: The actor Ahn Sung-ki played the leader of the Seven Masters in Arahan but this legend of the Korean film industry began his career playing a bratty little kid in what classic Korean melodrama?

Remember please to send us your answers before 12 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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