Thursday, January 15, 2015

News: Chinese MISS GRANNY Set to Become Top Korean Film in China

In its first four days, 20, Once Again!, the Chinese version of Korean hit Miss Granny, topped China's box office with $19.9 million. Produced by CJ Entertainment, which was also responsible for last year's Korean version, the film's strong debut suggests that it will soon become the most successful Korean-produced film in China to date.

The current record-holder, but perhaps not for much longer, is Oh Ki-hwan's romcom A Wedding Invitation, which earned $31.4 million in 2013. Though coming almost a year later, 20, Once Again! went into development at the same time as Miss Granny. Directed by Leste Chen (The Great Hypnotist), the film follows an old women (Yang Zishan) who magically transforms into her 20-year old self.

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