Friday, January 16, 2015

News: For Our Sins, D-WAR 2 Is Going into Production

I'll be honest, I haven't seen D-War (at least not all of it), but it's with a heavy heart that I tell you that Shim Hyung-rae will start filming a sequel to his much-maligned 2007 CGI dragon action film. Following casting, the film is set to go into production in May. The story will this time take place in 1969, as the US and Russia race for the first moon landing during the Cold War.

The original performed well in Korea, earning $55 million from 7.86 million admissions, and brought in $75 million overall but reportedly the film went well over budget in the post-production stage and wound up costing about that much to make. The budget has been set at $20 million this time around, with financing coming from China, where the film will also partly be shot.

Given the significant losses of D-War and his misguided 2010 US gangster film The Last Godfather (starring Harvey Keitel), not to mention years of legal troubles relating to fraud and embezzlement, I'm not sure if I'm more shocked or impressed that he's managed to convince someone to fund his latest folly.

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