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The Detective (translated title)
Dir: Kim Joung-hoon (Petty Romance, 2010)
Cast: Kwan Sang-woo (Pain, 2011), Sung Dong-il (Mr. Go, 2013)
Filming Dates: 2015-01 (expected)
Genre: Thriller
Plot: A comic store owner who is also a brilliant investigator, teams up with a veteran detective to solve a case.

Untitled 17th Hong Sangsoo Film

Dir: Hong Sangsoo (Our Sunhi, 2013)
Cast: Jung Jae-young (Castaway on the Moon, 2009), Kim Min-hee (Very Ordinary Couple, 2013), Yu Jun-sang (The Day He Arrives, 2011), Ko Ah-sung (Snowpiercer, 2013)
Production: Jeonwonsa Film Co.
Filming Dates: 2015-01 (expected)
Genre: Drama
Plot: Not revealed ahead of filming.

Gone Tomorrow
(working title)
사라진 내일
Dir: Lee Ji-seung (Azooma, 2012)
Cast: Park Hyo-joo (The Chaser, 2008), Bae Sung-woo (Way Back Home, 2013)
Production: Cinema Factory
Filming Dates: 2015-01 (expected)
Genre: Drama
Plot: A journalist investigates a mystery on a remote island.

Black Priests (translated title)
검은 사제들
Dir: Jang Jae-hyun (1st Film)
Cast: Kim Yun-seok (The Yellow Sea, 2010), Gang Dong-won (Kundo: Age of the Rampant)
Production: Zip Cinema
Distribution: United Pictures
Filming Dates: 2015-02 (expected)
Genre: Thriller
Plot: A story of two catholic priests who become involved in an incident.

The Magician (working title)
Dir: Kim Dae-seung (The Concubine, 2012)
Cast: Yoo Seung-ho (Blind, 2011), Go A-ra (Pacemaker, 2012)
Production: Withus Film
Distribution: Lotte Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2015-02 (expected)
Genre: Period Drama
Plot: A Joseon Era princess travels to China to marry into the Qing Dynasty, but on her way there she falls in love with a magician.

Dir: Roh Deok (Very Ordinary Couple, 2013)
Cast: Jo Jong-seok (The Face Reader, 2013)
Production: Universe Film
DistributionLotte Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2015-02 (expected)
Genre: Thriller
Plot: Ruthless journalists compete for the biggest scoop when a big murder case unfolds in the seedy world of crime news.

Dir: Kim Ki-hoon (Record, 2000)
Cast: Joo Sang-wook (90 Minutes, 2012), Ahn Sung-ki (Revivre)
Production: Narae Pictures
Filming Dates: 2015-02 (expected)
Genre: Drama-Romance
Plot: A man with a sad back story becomes a hard-working delivery boy in the Hwanghakdong traditional market.

Dir: Park Eun-kyung, Oh Dong-ha
Cast: Kim Yoo-jung (Thread of Lies), Sung Dong-il (Mr. Go, 2013)
Production: Film Dorothy
Distribution: CGV Arthouse
Filming Dates: 2015-02 (expected)
Genre: Drama
Plot: A strange man enters the lives of a detective and his daughter ten years after a murder case.

Jakseoui Byeon - Attack of the Water Monster (literal translation)
작서의 변 – 물괴의 습격
Dir: Shin Jung-won (Chaw, 2009)
Cast: Jung Woo-sung (Cold Eyes, 2013)
Production: Taewon Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2015-02 (expected)
Genre: Period Action-Drama
Plot: King Jungjong's loyal subject tries to track down a monster threatening the King's life while also protecting him from a faction trying to usurp the throne.

Love Is a Virus (translated title)
사랑은 바이러스
Dir: Kang Yi-kwan (Juvenile Offender, 2012)
Cast: Lee Sun-kyun (A Hard Day)
Filming Dates: 2015-03 (expected)
Genre: Drama-Romance
Plot: A deadly virus, which kills those infected in five days unless they fall in love, grips Korea. While a scientist tries to develop a vaccine, he meets an infected woman.

Grandmother Gye-choon (translated title)
Dir: Chang (The Target)
Cast: Youn Yuh-jung (Boomerang Family, 2013), Kim Go-eun (Eungyo, 2012)
Production: Zio Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2015-03 (expected)
Genre: Drama
Plot: After 10 years, an angsty teen is reunited with her grandmother, who is a hanyeo (diving fisher) on Jeju Island.

Passion Like You're Sound and
열정 같은 소리 하고 있네
Dir: Jeong Ki-hun (Love 911, 2012)
Cast: Jeong Jae-young (Castaway in the Moon, 2009), Park Bo-young (A Werewolf Boy, 2012)
Production: Banzakbanzak Film Production
Distribution: New World Entertainment (NEW)
Filming Dates: 2015-03 (expected)
Genre: Drama
Plot: Based on the 2010 novel of the same name by Lee Hye-rin. Following a long search, a young woman finds a job at a sports newspaper. Soon after beginning her work, she finds herself in a chaotic situation.

That Man Is the One (translated title)
Dir: Yoon Joon-hyeon (1st Film)
Cast: Jung Woo (Fashion King), Yoo Hae-jin (The Unjust, 2010), Lee Yoo-yeong (Late Spring)
Filming Dates: 2015-03 (expected)
Genre: Thriller
Plot: A young man goes after the man who killed his younger sister.

Lucid Dream
루시드 드림
Dir: Kim Joon-sung (1st Film)
Cast: Seol Kyung-gu (Cold Eyes, 2013), Ko Soo (The Front Line, 2011), Kang Hye-jung (Oldboy, 2003)
Distribution: Next Entertainment World (NEW)
Filming Dates: 2015-03/04 (expected)
Genre: Thriller
Plot: A father searches for his kidnapped child with the help of people who find clues in lucid dreams.

The Phone
더 폰
Dir: Kim Bong-jun (1st Film)
Cast: Son Hyun-ju (Hide and Seek, 2013), Eom Ji-won (Hope, 2013)
Distribution: Next Entertainment World (NEW)
Filming Dates: 2015-03/04 (expected)
Genre: Thriller
Plot: A man is distraught after his wife's murder and begins to look into her mysterious past.

Hae-eo-hwa (transliterated title)
Dir: Park Heung-sik (My Mother, The Mermaid, 2004)
Cast: Han Hyo-joo (Cold Eyes, 2013)
DistributionLotte Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2015-04 (expected)
Genre: Period Drama
Plot: Taking place in the Japanese colonial period of the 1930s, this is the story of a gisaeng (courtesan), famed for her beauty and talent.

Busan-Bound (translated title)
Dir: Yeon Sang-ho (The Fake, 2013)
Cast: Gong Yoo (The Suspect, 2013), Ma Dong-seok (One on One)
Production: Studio Dadashow
DistributionNext Entertainment World (NEW)
Filming Dates: 2015-04 (expected)
Genre: Action-Horror
Plot: Following the events of the animated Seoul Station, Busan-Bound is a live action zombie film taking place on a train bound for Busan, following an viral outbreak in Seoul.

Untold Story of a Prosecutor
검사 외전
Dir: Lee Il-hyeong (1st Film)
Cast: Hwang Jung-min (New World, 2013), Gang Dong-won (Kundo: Age of the Rampant)
Production: Sanai Pictures
Filming Dates: 2015-05 (expected)
Genre: Revenge Thriller
Plot: A violent prosecutor is framed for murder. While in jail, he plots his revenge.

D-War: Mystery of the Dragon
디워: 미스테리즈 오브 더 드래곤
Dir: Shim Hyung-jae (D-War, 2007)
Filming Dates: 2015-05 (expected)
Genre: Fantasy-Action
Plot: Action sequel takes place in 1969, during the Cold War space race between the US and Russia.

Dir: Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, 2003)
Cast: Ha Jung-woo (The Berlin File, 2013), Kim Min-hee (Very Ordinary Couple, 2013), Cho Jin-woong (A Hard Day)
Production: Moho Film
DistributionCJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 1st Half of 2015 (expected)
Genre: Thriller
Plot: Based on Sarah Waters novel of the same name, the story takes place in 1930s Korea and focuses on a young pickpocket who becomes the accomplice of a con man and takes on a maid position with a wealthy socialite.

God of Bath (translated title)
목욕의 신
Dir: Lee Jeong-sub (1st Film)
Cast: Kim Young-kwang (Hot Young Bloods)
Production: Moonwatcher Co.
Filming Dates: 2015
Genre: Comedy
Plot: After graduating from college, a young man gets into debt with a loan shark. He goes on the run when he can't pay and winds up in a bath house.

Insufficient Evidence (translated title)
Dir: Yoon Jong-seok (Marine Boy, 2009)
Cast: Go Soo (The Front Line, 2011), Baek Yoon-sik (Save the Green Planet, 2003)
Production: Realies Pictures
Filming Dates: 2015
Genre: Mystery-Thriller
Plot: An unscrupulous lawyer makes his living helping criminals get off on technicalities.

Scheduled January - February - March - April

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