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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Korean Cinema News (02/16-02/22, 2012)

It's a very good week to be a Korean cinema fan with numerous big announcements including Classic Korean film channel on YouTube, the release of KOFIC's free 2011 Korean Cinema book and the announcement of the 2012 East Winds Symposium and Festival which I am thrilled to say to say I will be presenting at.  Lots more news, interviews, trailer, posters, and box office as usual.


There’s been a big news story this week for anyone interested in classic Korean cinema: the Korean film Archive (KOFA) have announced a partnership with Google which will deliver a Video On Demand service through YouTube of seventy classic Korean films, ranging from 1949 to 1996 – seven of which will be of HD quality.  The answer to the big question is – yes – all of the films will have English subtitles.  (New Korean Cinema, February 18, 2012)
(Modern Korean Cinema, February 21, 2012)

Every year, the Korean Film Council compiles an exhaustive book on Korean cinema, with analysis of the year and profiles for every film released during that time.  It's a very useful resource and must for any Korean cinema fan, the 2011 edition is available to download for free now!
(KoBiZ, Febraury 2012)


Daisy Entertainment Launches Sales with Taste of Money
South Korean company Daisy Entertainment, better known for their foreign film imports and increasingly visible distribution arm Cinergy, has launched international sales on director Im Sang-soo’s upcoming The Taste of Money.  From the director of Cannes competition film The Housemaid (2010), The Taste of Money stars veteran actress Youn Yuh-jung, who also played a supporting role in the former film.  (KoBiZ, February 9, 2012)

Lotte Announces New Jung Ji-woo Film
Major Korean investor and distributor Lotte Entertainment has announced Happy End (1999) director Jung Ji-woo’s upcoming film Eungyo (working title) at the European Film Market (EFM).  The film is currently in post-production.  Based on Park Bum-shin’s bestselling novel of the same title, Eungyo follows a 70-year-old poet who has an affair with a high school student and is inspired to write a book about her.  However, his best student, jealous of the relationship, steals this work.  The film stars Park Hae-il as the poet.  Park was most recently in War of the Arrows.   (KoBiz, February 10, 2012)

Lotte Sells Arrows in Berlin
South Korea’s Lotte Entertainment has done a raft of deals on Kim Han-min’s period action film War of the Arrows, including to Showgate for Japan.  Starring Park Hae-il as a man out to save his sister and her fiancĂ© from Northern invaders, the film was the biggest domestic film hit in Korea last year.  With 7.46 million admissions, it was second only to Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which took 7.79 million admissions.  (KoBiZ, February 14, 2012)

M-Line Launches Doomsday Book at EFM
South Korean film sales company M-Line Distribution has launched pre-sales on science fiction drama Doomsday Book, co-directed by Kim Jee-woon and Yim Pil-sung, according to the Screen International market daily at the European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin.  Budgeted at US$5m, is made up of three short stories.  (KoBiZ, February 15, 2012)

Annyeong Mate! Sydney Says Hello, Again, to Cinema on the Park
Every Thursday evening between April and December last year, people lined up on Elizabeth Street in Sydney to see what has been one of the steady driving forces behind the popularity of Korean culture -- movies.  When the Korean Cultural Office launched the inaugural "Cinema on the Park" program last year, organizers just wanted to give the locals a taste of Korea.  After drawing more than 1,000 attendees, the event is back this year, kicking off a season that will last until the end of June.  (The Korea Times, February 17, 2012)

Second Film Preservation Center Due By 2014
South Korea plans to establish a second site for preserving and restoring homegrown films by 2014, since the existing location in Seoul is already overflowing with materials, the national film archive said Friday.  The Korean Film Archive said during a news conference in Seoul that it will construct the second preservation center on land in the publishing town in Paju, some 50 kilometers northwest of Seoul, with a total budget of 33 billion won ($29 million).  (The Korea Herald, February 17, 2012)

Korean Films at Deauville Asian Film Festival
The 14th Deauville Asian Film Festival in France has unveiled their line-up this year to include Jang Hui-cheol’s Beautiful Miss Jin and Jeon Soo-il’s Pink from theRepublic of Korea.  A drama/comedy set around Busan’s busy Dong-rae station, director Jang Hui-cheol’s Beautiful Miss Jin previously debutedat last year’s Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in the Korean Cinema Today – Vision section.  (KoBiZ, February 17, 2012)

My Way to Open Terracotta Far East Film Festival
Terracotta is London's premier celebration of the film and culture of the Far East. With a stunning line-up of films hand-picked from the best of the region, encompassing diverse genres from comedy to drama to horror and everything in between, an unbeatable programme of exclusive cast and crew Q&As, intro's and masterclasses and fabulous public parties the Terracotta Far East Film Festival really does have something for everybody.  (Terracotta Film Festival, February 21, 2012)

Private Equity Funds Invest in Korean Films, Real Estate
Private equity funds have increased their holdings in real estate assets and projects related to the boom of the Korean Wave data showed Tuesday.  According to the Korea Financial Investment Association, the country’s entire fund market estimated at 311.1 trillion won ($276.9 billion), with the share of private equity funds rising fast.  (The Korea Herald, February 21 2012)

The South Korean Film Industry in 2011
Made to support and promote South Korean films, the KOFIC has published this detailed overview of the year 2011*, trying to analyze trends & numbers.  Quite an interesting reading, here are some of the highlights.  (Wildgrounds, February 21, 2012)


Lee Myung-se: Special Q&A Screening

Interview With Critic and Beijing Film Academy Professor Hao Jian
Film critic and Beijing Film Academy professor Hao Jian has written and talked about what he considers the little-known, real start of the Korean Wave in China.  At the International Film Festival Rotterdam while serving on the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) award jury, he spoke to Jean Noh about it and his thoughts on Korea-China cooperation.  (KoBiZ, February 20, 2012)


The Beat Goes On



Introduction to Architecture

Over My Dead Body

Planet of Snail


(Modern Korean Cinema, February 19, 2012)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

East Winds Symposium + Film Festival

Thrilled to publish the schedule for the upcoming East Winds Symposium.  Also very excited to announce that I will be presenting my own talk on ‘The 4th Act: Reconfiguring Korean Melodrama’ at the event.

Looks like a great lineup and I am very much looking forward to the presentations and am honoured to be among them.

The symposium will coincide with the East Winds Film Festival, the excellent programme of which is available at the bottom of this post, along with the trailer.

I will be attending both events and I hope to see you there!

Coventry University, Coventry, CV1 2TT
Friday 2nd March 2012

9:00 – 9:30

Registration and refreshments

9:30 – 10:00

Opening Remarks

10:00 – 11:00

Keynote Address
Jinhee Choi (King’s University, London)



11:30 – 13:00

Panel 1: Audiences and Fans
Chair: Spencer Murphy

Jonathan Wroot (University of East Anglia) ‘Cult Connotations: The reception of Japanese films on DVD in the UK through NEO Magazine.’

Pierce Conran (Modern Korean Cinema), ‘The 4th Act: Reconfiguring Korean Melodrama’

Marlies Gabriele Prinzl (University College London), ‘When Fans Translate: ‘Visible Invisibility’ and Other Challenges to Translation in the Fansubbing Community of East Asian Cinema and Drama’

13:15 – 14:15


14:30 – 16:00

Panel 2:  Dissent, Sex and Social Issues
Chair: Jonathan Wrott

David West ‘You Kids Settle Down – The Decline Of Dissent In The Chanbara Film’

Antoniya Petkovaa (Coventry University) ‘Social issues in contemporary South Korean cinema’

Moises Park (Gordon College, MA)  “A Korean-Palestinian Martial Arts Confrontation in Santiago, Chile: 'Second Degree' Orientalism in Kiltro (2006), the First Chilean Martial Arts Film”

Paul Quinn (Hangul Celluloid), ‘‘Sex Sells… The emergence and growth of sexual content in Korean Cinema’



16:15 – 17:00

Keynote Address

Colette Balmain (Kingston University/Brighton University)
‘Cross cultural flows in East Asian Horror Cinema.’


East Winds Film Festival: Drinks Reception and Buffet

18:45 – 23:00

East Winds Film Festival

Coventry University, Coventry, CV1 2TT
Saturday 3rd March 2012

9:15 – 10:45

Panel 3. The legacy of Japan
Chair: Colette Balmain

Cyril Lepot, ‘Suspended Life in Japanese Cinema’

Gerald Stuart, ‘The surrealist nature of the cinema of Takashi Miike.’

Robert Hyland, (Queen's University, Canada), ‘Liminality in Studio Ghibli’s The Borrower Arrietty.’

Kate E Taylor-Jones (University of East Anglia), ‘The Intra-East Cinema: legacy of the Japanese Colonial Empire and the construction of a Pan-Asian Cinema’




Keynote Address and Concluding Remarks

Paul Bowman (Cardiff University)

‘Film Culture Crossover: Cultural translation and post-Bruce Lee film fight choreography;


Symposium ends

13:00 – 22:00

East Winds Film Festival


Friday 2nd March 2012

18:00 – Drinks Reception and Buffet

18:45 – Opening Speeches

19:00 – Adrift in Tokyo (Satoshi Miki, 2007)

‘An endearing and entertaining story about the simplicity of human life, infused with the trademark touch of Satoshi’s quirky sense of humour. Two apparently random characters are caught in a personal bubble full of nostalgic memories and unexpected happiness, and their journey brings about touching moments of self-discovery.’

21:00 – Woman Knight of Mirror Lake (Herman Yau, 2011) EUROPEAN PREMIERE

‘A large scale, politically minded film, with breath taking action set pieces, ‘Woman Knight of Mirror Lake’ is just one example of the creative versatility of director Herman Yau. The biographical story of Qiu Jin, an anti-Qing Empire revolutionary, feminist and writer, who is today considered one of China’s heroines.’

Saturday 3rd March 2012

13:00 – In The Pool (Satoshi Miki, 2005) UK PREMIERE + Director & Actress Q&A

‘East Winds’ programme continues with another hilarious comedy by the talented Miki Satoshi, an odd story where conventional neuroses meets unconventional therapy. ‘In the Pool’ is a film about people with problems, who suffer from extraordinary conditions, all prompted by the levels of stress in urban dwellers’ daily lives.’

16:00 – The Yellow Sea (Na Hong-jin, 2011)

‘In the vein of its violent and nihilistic contemporaries, this South Korean cat-and-mouse thriller features the return of the director and acting trio from the all-successful ‘The Chaser’.’

19:45 – Bloodtraffick (Jennifer Thym, 2011) EUROPEAN PREMIERE

‘A sexy Asian female vigilante and a has-been American cop stand at the crux of a holy war between angels and vampires.’

20:00 – True Women For Sale (Herman Yau, 2008) EUROPEAN PREMIERE + Director Q&A

‘A touching film about Hong Kong’s culture and endearing personalities, Herman Yau’s ‘True Women for Sale’ is an intelligent story about the survival of two women in the landscape of Hong Kong society.’

Sunday 4th March 2012

13:00 – Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers (Satoshi Miki, 2005)

‘Another endearing example of the charming and quirky films which are un-mistakenly that of director Miki Satoshi. ‘Turtles are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers’ is a story about loneliness, friendship, and the mundane existence of normal life.’

15:00 – Mitsuko Delivers (Yuya Ishii, 2011)

‘The second film from Yuya Ishii, who brought the hilarious ‘Sawako Decides’, comes the equally amusing and uplifting ‘Mitsuko Delivers’.’

18:30 – Closing Speeches & Awards

19:00 – Starry Starry Night (Tom Lin, 2011) + Director Q&A
‘Combining the imagination of ‘Amelie’ and the beauty of ‘Midnight in Paris’, the closing film of the festival is one that lingers in the mind of its audience long past its final credits. ‘Starry Starry Night’ is a story about the innocence of youth and the magical moments of yesterday, which strikes the cords deep inside the viewer’s heart. This Taiwanese film, funded by China, marks the emergence of a sophisticated, yet audience friendly teen-centered drama.’