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KBO: The Thieves Continues to Smash Records (08/03-08/05, 2012)

The Thieves Continues to Smash Records

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 The Thieves 7/25/12 54.50% 2,002,862 6,877,785 1,092
2 The Dark Knight Rises (us) 7/19/12 17.10% 615,196 5,522,967 630
3 Sammy's Asventures 2 (bl) 8/1/12 10.40% 358,903 549,644 486
4 Ice Age 4 (us) 7/25/12 8.50% 301,481 1,194,354 425
5 The Grand Heist 8/8/12 1.60% 58,736 84,095 160
6 Detective Conan (jp) 7/19/12 1.30% 54,623 459,069 146
7 Rock of Ages (us) 8/2/12 1.30% 48,525 67,444 243
8 Horror Stories 7/25/12 1.30% 48,210 267,632 150
9 Piranha 3DD (us) 8/1/12 1.10% 34,938 58,916 266
10 Doraemon (jp) 7/25/12 0.70% 27,769 141,060 109

Following enormous weekday figures, The Thieves has continued its unprecedented run with a marginal increase over its debut, lifting the total box office to a new height of 3.68 million admissions, that's three times in as many weeks that that record has been broken, if anyone's counting! Also a big jump over last year's 2.9 million, when Sector 7 opened. Local market share stayed strong at 58%, but this was below last year's 73%.

The Thieves clocked in at 2,002,862 to stay level with its debut and it has now amassed 6,877,785 admissions. By far the quickest films to reach milestones for 4, 5 and 6 million, not to mention 7 which it will handily cross tomorrow. However, based on Sunday's drop, it has reached its saturation point and will start to slow down. While 10 million is now a forgone conclusions, the question is whether it can vie for the number 1 all time spot, currently held by Avatar. It's looking pretty solid now, but another week will give us a better indication.

The Dark Knight Rises held strong with a 30% for 615,196 which brought its total to over 5.5 million. At this rate it could beat The Avengers to become the biggest non-Korean film of the year. At number 3, Belgian animation Sammy's Adventures 2 opened strong with 358,903. In the next slot, Ice Age 4 held exceptionally well for 301,481. The Grand Heist rounded out the top 5 with previews amounting to 58,736.

While The Grand Heist opens next weekend, it still seems like nothing will come even remotely close to The Thieves which will likely sell well over a million tickets again. Busy times at the Korean box office!


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