Wednesday, August 15, 2012

KCN: Korean Films to TIFF, Thieves Still King (08/09-08/15, 2012)

Not an enormous amount of news this week. Toronto has announced some Korean films in its lineup, The Thieves continues its extraordinary box office run and a number of trailers and posters this week.


Three Korean Films Set for Toronto
The Toronto International Film Festival, arguably the world's biggest film event (if not quite as glitzy as Cannes), returns next month and this year a trio of Korean films have been invited. The sophomore effort from Jo Sung-hee (End of Animal; 2010), A Werewolf Boy will screen in the Contemporary World Cinema section along with Juvenile Offender by Kang Ji-kwan and current blockbuster The Thieves from Choi Dong-hun. (Modern Korean Cinema, August 15, 2012)

R2B Presells to 30 Markets
The Rain-starring aviation blockbuster R2B: Return to Base, has presold to 30 territories, including: England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Monaco, India, Turkey & Mongolia. The film is a remake of the Korean classic Red Scarf (1964) but by all accounts it seems to fall far more in line with Top Gun (1986). (Modern Korean Cinema, August 15, 2012)

Prince-Pauper Tale Gets Election-Year Twist in Masquerade
With the presidential election only a few months away, Gwanghae: the Man Who Became King (Masquerade) could not be released at a better time. Inspired by Mark Twain’s “The Prince and the Pauper,” the historical drama about switched royal identities challenges the audience to think about the system of the government today, specifically the way we see the role of the nation’s top job, according to Lee Byung-hun, the lead actor who plays the two protagonists. (The Korea Times, August 14, 2012)


Oh Ji-ho: Shrewd Actor Hidden Behind Dimples
Ask any Korean entertainment fan about heartthrob actor Oh Ji-ho and you would most likely receive an answer related to his signature smile. The singular focus on his facial expression – as well as his even more famous dimple – has been a mixed blessing. His good-guy image led him to be typecast in romantic comedy roles for most of his 15-year career. Then, in 2010, he wiped out that stereotype, playing an extremely serious general in period TV series “Chuno” (Slave Hunters) on KBS. Now he's back in The Grand Heist. (The Korea Times, August 14, 2012)


Masquerade (Teaser - English Subtitles)

Wedding Scandal

Young Gun in the Time (Main Trailer)



Pieta (Character Poster 1)

Pieta (Character Poster 2)

Spy (Character Poster)

Wedding Scandal


(Modern Korean Cinema, August 13, 2012)

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