Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NYAFF Continues On!!

Okay, so now that NYAFF is underway and our first two trivia contests have finished. Congratulations to Matthew Kiernan, Jacky Caguicla, Avi Avital, and Talia Meisel for answering the trivia questions correctly and we hope that you enjoyed your movie. Now for our third contest the prize will be a ticket for the 2:15 pm screening of The Peach Tree on July 9th.

Just like last time all you need to do to enter the contest is e-mail your name and answer to the trivia question at the bottom of this page to [email protected] before 10 am on the day of screening.

Trivia Question: The actor Daniel Choi has a cameo in Ku Hye-Sun's romantic drama The Peach Tree, but the actor is no stranger to the romance genre. What is the name of the film where Daniel played a clumsy wannabe Lothario who has to pay a team of love experts to script the perfect love story for him?

Remember to e-mail your name and answer before 10 am on July 9th. And just like last time two random people who answered correctly will be chosen. Good luck to everybody entering the contest and we at MKC hope you enjoy the festival.

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