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Part of MKC's Revenge Week (July 8-14, 2013).

If Revenge Week has achieved anything, it's confirmed beyond any doubt just how prevalent the theme of revenge is in Korean cinema. But exactly how many are there? That's a hard question to answer but here's our shot at a list covering every Korean revenge film we could think of.

This list is far from exhaustive and we encourage suggestions to improve it! Let us know what you think is missing in the comments below, on facebook or on twitter.

We also hope to create a user list of the best Korean revenge films this week so please use this a resource and tell us five of your favorites.


26 Years2012Jo Geun-hyun
90 Minutes2012Park Sun-uk
A Better Tomorrow2010Song Hae-seung
A Bittersweet Life2005Kim Jee-woon
A Blood Pledge2009Lee Jong-yong
A Bloody Battle For Revenge1992Lee Kyong-kyu
A Company Man2012Lim Sang-yoon
A Dirty Carnival2006Yu Ha
A Frozen Flower2008Yu Ha
A Good Lawyer’s Wife2003Im Sang-soo
A Tale of Two Sisters2003Kim Jee-woon
A Thousand Year Old Fox1969Shin Sang-ok
A Werewolf Boy2012Jo Sung-hee
A Woman after a Killer Butterfly1978Kim Ki-young
All Bark no Bite2012Jo Byung-ok
An Ethics Lesson2013Park Myung-rang
Animal Town2009Jeon Kyu-hwan
April Snow2005Hur Jin-ho
Azooma2012Lee Ji-Seung
Bad Guy2001Kim Ki-duk
Barking Dogs Never Bite2000Bong Joon-ho
Be My Guest2009Park Soo-young
Bedevilled2010Jang Cheol-soo
Bestseller2010Lee Jeong-ho
Black Hair1964Lee Man-hee
Blades of Blood2010Lee Joon-ik
Bleak Night2010Yoon Sung-hyun
Blood Rain2005Kim Dae-sung
Bloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley2011Ji Ha-jean
Burning Revenge1971Lee Sang-gu
Canton Viper1983Hwang Jeong-ri
Carnivore1984Kim Ki-young
Confession of Murder2012Jung Byoung-gil
Countdown2011Huh Jong-ho
Cruel Revenge1969Kim Gang-yun
Crush and Blush2008Lee Kyoung-mi
Cut2004Park Chan-wook
Cyrano Agency2010Kim Hyeon-seok
Dangerous Liaisons2012Hur Jin-ho
Death Bell2008Yun Hong-seung
Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp2010Yoo Sun-dong
Desire to Kill2010Kim Sang-hwa, Jo Won-hee
Diary of June2005Im Kyung-soo
Die Bad2000Ryoo Seung-wan
Dirty Blood2012Kang Hyo-jin
Don’t Click2012Kim Tae-kyeong
Don’t Cry Mommy2012Kim Yong-han
Eoh Wu-dong1985Lee Jang-ho
Epitaph2007Jung Bum-sik, Jung Sik
Eungyo2012Chung Ji Woo
Exit2013Lee Sang-woo
Eye for an Eye2008Kwak Kyung-taek
Fatal2012Lee Don-ku
Forty Steps of Revenge1971Moon Sang-hun
Friend2001Kwak Kyung-taek
Gabi2012Chang Yoon-hyun
Gangster High2006Park Ki-hyeong
Happy End1999Chung Ji Woo
Haunters2010Kim Min-suk
Hindsight2010Lee Hyun-seung
I Am Father2010Jeon Man-bae, Lee Se-young
I Have Nothing1991Im Seon
I Saw the Devil2010Kim Jee-woon
I’m Your Daughter1971Jo Moon-jin
Into the White Night2009Park Shin-woo
Janus, Lady of Fire1987Kim Seong-soo
Killer Toon2013Kim Yong-gyoon
Lady Vengeance2005Park Chan-wook
Man of Vendetta2010Woo Min-ho
Martial Arts for Revenge1980Kim Jung-yong
Melo2012Roy Lee
Memento Mori1999Kim Tae-yong, min Kyu-dong
Memories of Murder2003Bong Joon-ho
Miracle in Cell No. 72013Lee Hwan-kyung
Miss Conspirator2012Park Chul-kwan
Moss2010Kang Woo-sung
Mother2009Bong Joon-ho
Mutt Boy2003Kwak Kyung-taek
My Dear Enemy2006Lee Yoon-ki
My Scary Girl2006Son Jae-gon
New World2013Park Hoon-jung
No Blood No Tears2002Ryoo Seung-wan
No Doubt2010Park Soo-young
No Mercy2010Kim Hyung-jun
Oldboy2003Park Chan-wook
Over My Dead Body2012Woo Sun-ho
Parallel Life2010Kwon Ho-young
Pieta2012Kim Ki-duk
Pluto2012Shin Su-won
Princess Aurora2005Bang Eun-jin
Public Enemy2002Kang Woo-sung
Real Fiction2000Kim Ki-duk
Report of the Daughter-in-Law's Rice Flower1989Ryu Jae-moo
Revenge1962Choi Gyeong-ok
Revenge1988Kim In-soo
Revenge1968Lee Hyeok-su
Revenge for Me1967Kim Bong-whan
Revenge of a Mother1970Lee Yu-seop
Revenge of a Woman1971Lim Won-sick
Revenge of Naejangseong1969An Dal-ho
Revenge of the Grand Master of Martial Art1972Jang Jin-won
Revenge of the Snake Woman1970Lee Yong-min
Revenge of the Sword1971Im Kwon-taek
Revengeful Sam-dol1970Kim Hyo-cheon
Righteous Ties
Road to Revenge2005Lee Woo-yeol
Running Wild2006Kim Sung-soo
Samaritan Girl2004Kim Ki-duk
Save the Green Planet2003Jang Joon-hwan
Scarlet Letter2004Byeon Hyeok
Secret2009Yoon Jae-koo
Secretly Greatly2013Jang Cheol-soo
Seven Days2007Won Shin-yeon
Silmido2003Kang Woo-suk
Small Town Rivals2007Jang Gyu-seong
Someone Behind You2007Oh Ki-hwan
Soo2007Yoichi Sai
Spellbound2012Hwang In-ho
Spider Forest2004Song Il-gon
Stateless Things2011Kim Kyung-mook
Su-Jeong's Revenge1969An Dal-ho
Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance2003Park Chan-wook
Tazza: The High Rollers2006Choi Dong-hoon
Tell Me Something1999Chang Yoon-hyun
The Beast2011Hwang Yu-sik
The Cat2011Byeon Seung-wook
The Chaser2008Na Hong-jin
The City of Violence2006Ryoo Seung-wan
The Coast Guard2002Kim Ki-duk
The Concubine2012Kim Dae-sung
The Good, the Bad, the Weird2008Kim Jee-woon
The Grand Heist2012Kim Joo-ho
The Housemaid1960Kim Ki-young
The Housemaid2010Im Sang-soo
The Insect Woman1972Kim Ki-young
The Isle2000Kim Ki-duk
The King of Pigs2011Yeun Sang-ho
The Last Witness1980Lee Doo-yong
The Magic Sword of Revenge1970Gwon Yeong-sun
The Man From Nowhere2010Lee Jung-beom
The President’s Last Bang2005Im Sang-soo
The Revengeful Man1970Pyeon Keo-young
The Scam2009Yoon Sam-yeok
The Servant2010Kim Dae-woo
The Show Must Go On2007Han Jae-rim
The Sword Of Revenge2003Park Sang-hyun
The Thieves2012Choi Dong-hoon
The Two Revengeful Hunchbacks1971Im Kwon-taek
The Unjust2010Ryoo Seung-wan
The Yellow Sea2010Na Hong-jin
Thirst2009Park Chan-wook
This Charming Girl2004Lee Yoon-ik
Too Many Villains2011Harry Kim
Troubleshooter2010Kwan Hyeok-jae
Typhoon2005Kwak Kyung-taek
Unbowed2011Chung Ji-young
Untold Scandal2003E J-yong
Voice2005Choi Ik-hwan
War of the Arrows2011Kim Han-min
Whispering Corridors1998Park Ki-hyung
White Night2012Leesong Hee-il
White: The Melody of the Curse2011Kim Gok, Kim Sun
Who Broke the Red Rose Stem?1990Nam Gi-nam
Wishing Stairs2003Yoon Jae-yeon
Woman of Fire1971Kim Ki-young
Woman of Fire ‘821982Kim Ki-young
Yoga2009Yoon Jae-yeon
Your Time Is Up2012Kim Sung-hyun

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    1. My 5 Favorites ever are ..

      - Old Boy
      - A man from nowhere
      - The Yellow Sea
      - Man of Vendetta
      - Blood Rain

  2. 'Cruel Winter Blues' and 'A Bloody Aria' are missing, I think....

  3. 'Forbidden Quest'?

  4. "Antarctic Journal'