Upcoming Releases - Completed

Alive - Park Jung-bum (JIFF)
Bean Sprouts - Won Suk-ho (?)
Cart - Boo Ji-young (9ers Entertainment)
Cat Funeral - Lee Jong-hoon
Dad for Rent - Kim Deok-soo (Amuse Entertainment)
Dear Dictator - Lee Sang-woo (2Mr Films)
Dirty Romance - Lee Sang-woo (2Mr Films)
Fantasia - Jang Kun-jae (?)
Fashion King - Oh Ki-hwan (Finecut/Next World Entertainment)
Goodbye My Love - Park Kwang-hyun (?)
Half - Kim Se-yeon (?)
I Am Trash - Lee Sang-woo (2Mr Films)
Late Spring - Jo Geun-hyung (?)
Minority Opinion - Kim Sung-jae (CJ Entertainment)
Revivre - Im Kwon-taek (Finecut/Next World Entertainment)
Shoot the Sun - Kim Tae-sik (?)
Silent Man - Jeon Kyu-hwan (?)
The Avian Kind - Shin Yeon-shick (JIFF)
The Painter - Jeon Kyu-hwan (?)

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