Most Anticipated Korean Films of 2015

1. Seoul Station
Dir: Yeon Sang-ho (The Fake, 2013)
Cast: Ryoo Seung-ryong (Miracle in Cell No. 7, 2013), Shim Eun-kyoung (Miss Granny), Lee Joon (Rough Play, 2013)
Production: Studio Dadashow
Distribution: Next Entertainment World (NEW)
Filming Dates: 2014-03-09 ~
Status: In Production
Genre: Animation-Horror
Plot: A homeless man near Seoul Station shows symptoms of insanity and soon his condition spreads across the city, causing pandemonium.

Yes, the Korean film I'm most looking forward to in the near future is an animation. Yeon Sang-ho had a terrific debut with The King of Pigs (2011) and delivered a better and far more ambitious follow-up (The Fake, 2013) but his latest will tackle an even bigger canvas. It sounds incredibly dark and quite unhinged but studio NEW already seems convinced enough to have greenlit a $10 million live action sequel called Busan Bound. That's quite a vote of confidence. Again, this is not a guarantee for 2015. I'm sure it'll be finished this year but the film's release plan isn't clear.

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  1. A very interesting number one. I've been waiting to see what Shim Eun-kyung was going to do after MISS GRANNY.

    But a new Na Hong-jin will always be the thing I most look forward to. He's two for two so far.

  2. Some thriller movies are Missing in this list.

    1. Inside Men (this is a must see)

    2. The Classified File (this seems like a 'Voice of a Murderer'

    3. Western Front (this one is war movie)

    4. The Deal (Not Great but good one early this year)

    5. The Guest or The Private Investigator

    I'm looking forward to all in the list, but mostly I'm interested in

    The Wailing
    The Classified File
    Seoul Station
    The Customised Play
    The Great Tiger
    Inside Men
    The Throne

    1. None of them missing, I'm just not that excited for them (this list only reflects my tastes):

      1. Director Woo Min-ho's previous two films are terrible
      2. A good cast but I rarely enjoy Kwak Kyung-taek's films
      3. Again, I might be excited were it not for the first time director known as a writer of films I haven't cared for
      4. Didn't seem that interesting and it turned out to be very mediocre (review will be up this week)
      5. They're both on the list but their official English titles are THE TRAMP and PHANTOM DETECTIVE

    2. 1. Inside Men - the cast are Lee Byung-Hun and Cho Seung-Woo (Have you seen the screenshots? it looks just awesome)

      2. His early movies were good though (and the screenshot looks like Kim Yun-Seok will put on the brilliant role like he did in 'The Chaser'

      3. Yeah but there is Sol Kyung-Gu (and he has other two films, 'Two Policemen' and 'Lucid Dream'.

  3. Why is this director so underrated? He releases masterpiece after masterpiece, and yet the audiences think his movies are garbage, and the critics think his movies are average.