Most Anticipated Korean Films of 2015

4. Veteran (working title)
Dir: Ryoo Seung-wan (The Berlin File, 2013)
Cast: Hwang Jung-min (New World, 2013), Yoo Ah-in (Punch, 2011), Yoo Hae-jin (The Unjust, 2010)
Production: Filmmaker R&K
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-03-16 ~ 2014-07-01
Status: Completed
Genre: Action-Drama
Plot: Veteran detective Do-chul confronts the tyrannical heir to an untouchable mega-corporation,Tae-oh, to deliver him justice and some hard, heavy blows.

I wasn't wild about The Berlin File (though was looking forward to it), but this new Ryoo Seung-wan feels a lot more like The Unjust, one of my favorites of 2010. A hard boiled, noirish action thriller, and starring Hwang Jung-min to boot! Count me in.

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  1. If Hwang Jung Min is in the movie, then it's a must-see because of the role he plays is so much interesting.

    His 'Ode to My Father' was Great, and looking forward to 'Veteran' and 'The Wailing.'