Most Anticipated Korean Films of 2015

10. The Throne
Dir: Lee Joon-ik (The King and the Clown, 2005)
Cast: Song Kang-ho (Memories of Murder, 2003), Yoo Ah-in (Punch, 2011)
Production: Tiger Pictures
Distribution: Showbox
Filming Dates: 2014-07-08 ~ 2014-10-08
Status: Post-Production
Genre: Period Drama
Plot: The tale of King Yeongjo, who famously had his own son, the unruly Prince Sado, suffocated to death in a rice chest during the Joseon Era.

There are a lot of period films coming our way once again in 2015 but this is without a doubt the one with the highest profile. Lee Joon-ik broke records with The King and the Clown in 2005 and it's Song Kang-ho's first film since 2013, when his three films (including period drama The Face Reader) almost brought in 30 million viewers. It's also based on a dark but fascinating story that no doubt many local viewers will be aware of.

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