Most Anticipated Korean Films of 2015

13. Memories of the Sword
협녀: 칼의 기억
Dir: Park Heung-sik (My Mother, the Mermaid, 2004)
Cast: Jeon Do-yeon (Secret Sunshine, 2007), Lee Byung-hun (Masquerade, 2012), Kim Go-eun (Eungyo, 2012)
Production: TPS Company
Distribution: Lotte Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2013-09-05 ~ 2014-02-21
Status: Completed
Genre: Period Action-Drama
Plot: A female swordfighter raises her daughter to become a warrior to take revenge against the most powerful man in the country.

This one's been delayed for a while, presumably because of some publicity concerns surrounding Lee Byung-hun's private life. Hopefully that's the only reason this has been delayed because this sounds like a pretty epic period film with a strong cast. That said, the veteran director is not know for action and the buzz on this has faded.

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  1. Lee Byung Hun's other movie 'Inside Men' is what you have to see this year.