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Korean Cinema News (05/02-05/08, 2011)

Lots of festival news this week as well as a few reports on the state of the Korean Film Industry. This week also features some interviews and trailers. As always scroll down to the end for the box office report.


Six Films Will Be Featured at SIFF 2011
The Lengthy Seattle International Film Festival will feature no less than six South Korean films this year. The line-up is strong but does not feature many premieres, the line-up includes: 71 - Into the Fire, A Barefoot Dream, The consolation in the water mother (short), Dance Town, Late Autumn, and The Yellow Sea. (twitchfilm.net, May 2, 2011)

LA Film Fest Lineup Revealed
The Los Angeles Film Festival, which will play out in downtown form mid to late June, has announced its lineup. A number of anticipated Korean films have been invited, including: The Yellow Sea, Cheonggyecheon Medley: A Dream of Iron, Come Rain, Come Shine, and Haunters. (filmindependent.org, May 3, 2011)

Anyang Wins at Jeonju
Now that the Jeonju Digital Festival has wrapped up, the winners have been announced. Park Chan-kyong's Anyang, Paradise City picked up the Korea feature film prize while Jean Gentil from Israel Cardenas won the international competition prize. (Film Business Asia, May 6, 2011)

KOFIC Opens New Independent Film Theater
Indieplus, a venue which will exhibit independent films has been established by the Korean Film Council was opened in Gangnam in March. (KOBIZ, May 6, 2011)

Resurgence of Korean Animation
Few Korea animated films have been released in the last decade and as a a result anumation enthusiasts in Korea have had to sate their appetite elsewhere with offerings from America (Pixar, Dreamworks, etc.) and Japan (Studio Ghibli). Korean animation is poised to make a comeback in 2011 with two new releases hitting theaters this summer: Leafie, A Hen Into the Wild, and Green Days. (Joong Ang Daily, May 6, 2011)

KOFIC's Keys to Industry Development
KOFIC recently released its six key tasks for the development of the Korean film industry. They are: creating sustainable growing engines by increasing the global competitiveness; improving the industry and creating a fair competition environment; building an industrial safety system through improving the working condition of staffs; accomplishing cultural welfare by expanding the public service; improving the operating process of KOFIC and expanding the communication channel with the film industry; building the fundament for the industry toward the future. (KOBIZ, May 6, 2011)

Emerging Popularity of Korean Cinema
The Diamondback takes a look at Korean cinema and its rising popularity in the wake of the declining efforts of Hollywood. They caught up with DC Korean Film Fest organizer Tom Vick and controversial Korean filmmaker Im Sang-soo. (The Diamondback, May 8, 2011)


Q&A with Characters' Director and Actress
After a screening of Characters at the Jeonju Digital Film Festival, debut director Son Kwang-ju and lead actress Kim Su-hyeon took part in a Q&A session which was transcribed by AsianMediaWiki editor Ki Mun. (AsianMediaWiki, May 2011)

Interview with KOFIC Chairman Kim Eui-suk
Former film director Kim Eui-suk, the new chairman of the Korean Film Council, sat down to discuss the current state of the Korean film industry and the need to move into the international market now that the domestic one has reached saturation point. (KOBIZ, May 6, 2011)


Here are a few english-subbed trailers for recent and upcoming Korean films, including more Cannes Trailers:


Sunny - 2010 Advances to No.1
After two weeks of Hollywood blockbuster dominance, the foreign titans have fallen to domestic productions as Sunny - 2010, has grown in it's second week to take the box office crown, it has accumulated 620,000 sales to date. The Apprehenders saw a similar rise and now stands at a tad over 380,000 admissions. Both Thor and Fast Five saw their grosses dwindle by over 55%. Meanwhile, Suicide Forecast and Clash of the Families are wrapping up their runs with takes of 1 and 2.5 million to date. In Love and the War suffered a quick exit with a 90% drop. (hancinema.net, May 8, 2011)

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