Besides reviews and industry news I like to explore different avenues with Korean cinema and will occasionally write a piece on a subtopic of Korean cinema, or analyze various trends. This is also where you will find lists and the like.


Director Kong Quee-hyun Discusses Stress and Student Life in Korea
Stepping Behind the Lens - Yu Ji-tae Discusses His New Career Path
A Chat With Fatal's First-time Director Lee Donku
Jang Kun-jae Talks Sleepless Night
The Singular Lee Sang-woo, Director of Barbie
Ji Ha-jean, Director of Bloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley
Oh Young-doo, Director of Young Gun in the Time
Jang Hoon, Director of The Front Line
Huh Jong-ho, Director of Countdown

Jang Kun-jae Feature

The Quiet Pursuit of Happiness in Jang Kun-jae's Sleepless Night - Part II

2012 Korean Cinema Blogathon

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Jopok Week 2011

Introduction: Gangster Films in Korean Cinema


(by Kieran Tully)


Conclusion and Korean Gangster Films on the Horizon

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