Top 10 Korean Contenders for Cannes 2015

2. Untitled 17th Hong Sangsoo Film

What is it? Well, it’s the new Hong Sangsoo film, so that pretty much says it all. Though it has a particularly interesting cast: Jung Jae-young (Castaway on the Moon, 2009), Kim Min-hee (Helpless, 2012), Yu Jun-sang (The Day He Arrives, 2011) and Ko Ah-sung (Snowpiercer, 2013).

Why is it a contender? Again, it’s the new Hong Sangsoo film. He won the Un Certain Regard award in 2010 for HaHaHa and last visited with In Another Country in 2012.

Will it be ready? It’s currently shooting but Hong’s turnaround is pretty fast. If he’s aiming to submit, I imagine he will have time to.

What are its chances? Decent.

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