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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Year by Year Feature Project

There are many Korean films in my to watch pile and I wonder how long it will take me to go through them. I've noticed that of late I've watched a huge amount of 2010 films and this has given me the not so novel idea of watching as much as I can stomach and write up a comprehensive feature on that year and start over again for 2009, then 2008, and see how far I get and what I discover along the way. I imagine that there will be lengthy intervals between each year but 2010 shouldn't be too far away, a month or two I hope.

In any case, below are the films I've seen from last year and after that is a list of films that I am planning to watch, most are at hand and some of them I know are bad. The dates I use are up for debate and if there is any thing you think I've missed please let me know!

Films Seen

71: Into the Fire
A Barefoot Dream
A Better Tomorrow
A Long Visit
Attack the Gas Station 2
Bad Couple
Banga? Banga!
Cyrano Agency
Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp
Foxy Festival
Grand Prix
Hello Ghost
I Saw the Devil
July 32nd
Lady Daddy
Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle
Man of Vendetta
Midnight FM
My Dear Desperado
No Doubt
No Mercy
Oki's Movie
Parallel Life
Secret Love
Secret Reunion
The Fair Love
The Haunted House Project
The Housemaid
The Influence
The Man From Nowhere
The Neighbor Zombie
The Yellow Sea
Twilight Gangsters
Villain and Widow
Wedding Dress

Films to Watch

Enemy at the Dead End
Passerby #3
The Recipe