Monday, April 23, 2012

Korean Box Office Update (04/20/04/22, 2012)

Battleship Stays Afloat With Another First Place Finish

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Battleship (us) 4/11/12 34.50% 516,874 1,948,608 624
2 The Scent 4/11/12 20.20% 296,923 846,007 396
3 Architecture 101 3/22/12 17.80% 268,730 3,316,655 439
4 Untouchable (fr) 3/22/12 6.00% 89,231 1,635,275 227
5 The Hunger Games (us) 4/5/12 3.40% 52,276 584,818 253
6 Over My Dead Body 3/29/12 3.30% 50,470 962,436 235
7 Titanic (us) 2/20/98 4.60% 43,375 336,272 144
8 Beauty and the Beast (us) 7/4/92 3.60% 39,949 140,555 173
9 The Ides of March (us) 4/19/12 2.10% 29,679 35,146 93
10 Heartbreaker (fr) 4/19/12 1.70% 25,198 30,263 175

A Hollywood blockbuster continues to lord over the Korean marketplace and it will likely switch with another next weekend when The Avengers rolls around but the news isn't all bad for local fare.  Even with no new openers the market share was still decent at 42%, this was a little under last year's 47% but then again a lot more tickets were sold this year as admissions were at 1.5 million versus 1.2 for 2011's similar frame.

Battleship dipped a little but remained strong with 516,874 for a first place finish.  It has already amassed nearly two million admissions but will suffer greatly at the hands of The Avengers, which opens next weekend.

The Scent, which had a mediocre start saw its fortunes reversed over the weekend as it increased 20% for a 296,923 frame, still nothing major but an encouraging sign nonetheless.

Architecture 101 had a slight uptick, even as it dropped onew spot and is now well over the three million mark after adding 268,730 admissions over the three days.

Untouchable was steady with another 89,231 tickets sold as it continues to impress with its remarkable run.

The Hunger Games continues to disappoint after its 52,276 frame, it's only over the half million mark at this point and will not make it to the next milestone.

Over My Dead Body had a slight drop and is now very close to the one million point after selling an additional 50,470 tickets.  While not a stellar result, passing the milestone would certainly save it some face.

Re-releases Titanic and Beauty and the Beast also saw small drops for 43,375 and 39,949 respectively but they won't be around much longer.

The Ides of March had a soft 29,679 opening while Heartbreaker also opened but with a slighter smaller 25,198 admissions despite a higher theatre count.  Still though, it's not everyday that you see two French films in the Korean top 10!

Next week the focus will be shifting to The Avengers, which is almost guaranteed to lure over a million viewers during its opening.  A Muse will also debut but may have a tough time as a result, despite some good buzz.


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