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KBO: Les Miserables Tunes Into First Place (12/21-12/23, 2012)

Les Miserables Tunes Into First Place

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Les Miserables (uk/us) 12/19/12 30.80% 788,836 1,265,703 670
2 Love 911 12/19/12 16.00% 416,818 703,159 426
3 The Hobbit (us) 12/13/12 17.40% 396,913 1,988,600 585
4 Marrying the Mafia 5 12/19/12 12.00% 312,681 528,802 447
5 Wreck-It Ralph (us) 12/13/12 5.70% 148,804 289,468 361
6 My P.S. Partner 12/6/12 5.70% 134,911 1,584,404 245
7 26 Years 11/29/12 4.20% 110,130 2,874,679 293
8 Pokemon (jp) 12/19/12 1.90% 93,510 191,011 273
9 Pokemon (jp) 12/19/12 1.40% 79,331 159,450 227
10 Rise of the Guardians (us) 11/29/12 1.70% 48,584 1,001,379 175

A wave of new releases led to a diversified top 10 as 2.56 million tickets were sold for the pre-Christmas frame. That was about a million tickets down from last year but then again that weekend fell on Christmas day. Just like last year domestic films struggled to maintain an edge with a 37% market share.

The number one film, the bombastic musical Les Miserables, came as something of a surprise with 788,836 admissions, a huge performance for this genre. The epic melodrama is likely to develop strong word of mouth and may do well in the coming weeks, though holiday competition will be strong.

Love 911 opened to a somewhat underwhelming 416,818 which was below My P.S. Partner's debut a few weeks ago. The Ko Soo/Han Hyo-joo melodrama may very well struggle going ahead as buzz has not been particularly strong.

The Hobbit fell almost 60% for 396,313 but is just a fraction from the 2 million mark. Given the number of new releases, and more to come, it may not be able to avoid further big slides.

The fifth entry in the Marrying the Mafia franchise opened with 312,681, a big drop from its predecessor. Considering its prospects look quite bleak, perhaps this will spell the end of this tired franchise.

Further down the chart My P.S. Partner took in another 134,911 while 26 Years added 110,130 to its total, which should reach 3 million soon.

Given all the tentpole blockbusters that failed last year, CJ may be a little nervous about their big-budget inferno pic Tower when it opens next week but word on it is generally positive so perhaps the Korean film industry can muster a final hit for 2012.


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  1. I went to see this film as a complete Les Mis virgin, having no idea as to the storyline, and having never seen any previous production nor having read the novel. But I enjoy musicals (both in the theatre and film versions) and I went with an open mind, and looking forward to seeing something a little different from the norm. Sadly, within the first few minutes, I knew I'd made a mistake, and this has become one of my most hated films of all time. indeed, I always rate films but rarely review them, but I just had to get this off my chest. Particularly because so many reviews seem to be gushing about its brilliance, and although I'm fully prepared to admit that my views are in the minority, I think it's important to air them if only in the interest of balance and representation. consulta por internet medico por internet pediatra por internet medico por internet doctor por internet dermatologo por internet veterinario por internet veterinario por internet psychologist online abogado especialista abogado por internet abogado por internet abogado por internet abogado por internet abogado por internet psicologo por internet doctor por internet psicologo por internet abogado por internet abogado por internet It didn't take long to realise that every single word of the dialogue was to be 'sung'. I say 'sung' rather than sung, because it wasn't what I could really refer to as singing. Just because one woooooord of any given liiiiiine is extended like thiiiiiis, does not, in my mind, make it 'singing'. In fact, if it weren't for the extended words in nearly every sentence, the film would likely have been at least thirty minutes shorter.

    The lack of spoken dialogue really detracted from many of the scenes. When even the most mundane of sentences has to be delivered in such a way, it becomes grating. I wouldn't have been at all surprised for someone to bellow out "pass the saaaaaalt". It was just awful.