Monday, April 29, 2013

New Korean Films: A Sexy Nap (2013 Week 17)

(by Fabien Schneider)

Dream Affection 2
(몽정애 2 - 기막힌 상상)

Jae-hoon, a man who recently resigned from his job, runs out of money. He is haunted in his dreams by a mysterious woman. Three women, Yuki, and Yujin Mini, do not feel secure enough in their apartment and are looking for a male roommate to help them. Jae-hoon finds this ad and respond only for the expectation of living with three beautiful women.

This is some racy flick! The only Korean movie of the week is a medium-length (60 minutes) independent feature rich in erotic content delivered by Lee Se-il. If you've never heard of this film, do not worry, me neither! I initially missed its release and thought that there was no movie to talk about this week, which explains the delay in this current piece. Yet this director seems to have been particularly active in this niche market since he already has 14 films to his credit since 2011 alone. It is a sort of spiritual sequel to Dream Affection (2011), a movie by Lee Seung-hwan, another very active director in this field. These kinds of movies obviously have very little room for success in theaters, and in any case are very poorly distributed, but may eventually become profitable in the long-term through VOD services, with sales to TV broadcast being also limited.

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