Thursday, September 12, 2013

1st Chuseok Film Festival Takes Place Next Week

The Chuseok Film Festival, which will screen a variety of Korean films with English subtitles, is set to have its first edition during next week's national holiday. 18 films (including 13 features and 5 shorts) will be shown on September 18th and 19th at Art Nine Cinema in Seoul, located by Isu Station in Megabox on the 12th floor.

The event is designed both to give foreigners something to do during the Chuseok period, which tends to be quiet as locals return home to their families, but also to give expats the opportunity to watch Korean films with subtitles, as local productions are rarely available with them during their first runs.

The films on show will include:

The Weight
Nobody's Daughter Haewon
How to Use Guys with Secret Tips
Green Days
Total Messed Family
My Place
Nora Noh

You Are More than Beautiful
Noodle Fish
Recorder Exam
Suicidal Variations
No More No Less

Besides films, the festival will host a variety events, from Pansori performances to game and BBQs. Click here for more information and to buy your tickets. Check out the schedule below:

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  1. I remember hearing about this event last year, but I had already made travel plans then. I was hoping to hear of a 2nd annual Chew Sock Film Festival, but alas, there seems to be no repeat event this Korean holiday season. I guess I'll have to stay home and chew my socks this year, and sadly, miss out on all the Korean movies I didn't have a chance to see because of the language barrier! =\