Monday, November 10, 2014


MKC is delighted to present, for the very first time, a Korean film to view directly here on the site. We recently teamed up with streaming service DramaFever to bring you the best in, what else, modern Korean cinema, and part of that involves co-premiering some brand new Korean films and first among those is The Fatal Encounter, one of this years' biggest Korean releases.

Starring Hyun Bin in his first post-military service role, the hit costume drama The Fatal Encounter is a gorgeously filmed piece of courtroom intrigue about a young King who must defend himself from the factions out to kill him. The film was widely seen when released in spring this year and has also left an impression on foreign viewers during a number of high profile festival dates.

Please enjoy one of the most polished films made anywhere in the world this year and be sure to be on the lookout for some more great films in the coming weeks, including another award-winning period drama, a critically acclaimed and sober take on romance and a modern, surreal classic from Korea's most idiosyncratic director.

The below video for Fatal Encounter will be live for the next week and is only available for viewers in certain locations, including the US. Check out our review here and if you have any trouble head on over to DramaFever. Enjoy!

And be sure to check other great films for free over on DF's movie page!


  1. Very cool, although it won't stream in Australia. :-(

    I just discovered this site and had a good time combing through the archives. The reviews are terrific.

  2. Would have loved to watch it, but unfortunately can't in Belgium :-(

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