Most Anticipated Korean Films of 2016

15. Asura
Dir: Kim Seong-su (Beat, 1997)
Cast: Jung Woo-sung (The Good, the Bad and the Weird, 2008), Hwang Jung-min (Veteran), Ju Ji-hoon (Confession, 2014), Kwak Do-won (The Attorney, 2013)
Production: Sanai Pictures
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2015-09-22 ~ 2016-01
Status: Post-Production
Genre: Crime, Action

Plot: A detective crosses over to the wrong side of the law to help his terminally ill wife but is caught red-handed. Facing prosecution, he chases down a big criminal.

What to expect: The above still has echoes of Lee Myung-se’s Nowhere to Hide (1999) and the cast for Asura is very impressive, which makes this one to watch. Meanwhile, director Kim made great films back in the day (Beat, 1997) but has faltered recently (The Flu, 2013), but with the reliable Sanai Pictures (New World, 2013) behind him, there’s definitely hope for this one.

When can we see it? The producer has already mentioned that they’re hoping to release it in the high summer season (July/August).

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