Most Anticipated Korean Films of 2016

Notable Films

Though that’s already a lot to look forward to, there are plenty more major films due out this year, and here are some that could be good, but I’m personally not sold on yet.

A Violent Prosecutor

Prison-set comedy-thriller with Hwang Jung-min and Gang Dong-won. Cool cast, but execution seems very familiar. 

Operation Chromite

Bid-budget Korean War film with none other than Liam Neeson co-starring as General MacArthur. Seems destined to me a middle-of-the-road, patriotic crowd-pleaser. 

The Last Princess

Colonial Era drama from Hur Jin-ho (Christmas in August, 1998). Sadly it’s been years since he’s made a great film and I’m not sure teaming up with Son Ye-jin will buck that trend. 

A Murderer's Guide to Memorization

Another high concept thriller with Seol Kyung-gu. Probably won’t be bad, with reliable Won Shin-yeon (The Suspect, 2013) at the helm, but unlikely to be a fresh addition to the overcrowded genre.

Hidden Time

High concept mystery drama with Gang Dong-won from Korean Academy of Film Arts graduate Uhm Tae-hwa. Could go either way.


I’m intrigued by the pairing of Ahn Sung-ki and Jo Jin-woong, but on the surface, this has nothing else going for it.

Proof of Innocence

Love the supporting cast of this legal thriller, which includes Kim Sang-ho (Haemo, 2014), Kim Young-ae (The Attorney, 2013) and Sung Dong-il (Miss Granny, 2014). Wish I felt the same about lead Kim Myung-min (Deranged, 2012).

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