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June 2012 Korean Releases

This monthly features previews the coming month's attractions in Korean cinema.  All of these monthly posts are available in an archive on the Upcoming Releases page.

June 6

The Emperor's Concubine

June 7


June 21

2 Doors
Miss Conspirator
The Heaven Is Only Open to the Single
The King of XXX-Kissing
Two Weddings and a Funeral

June TBC

A Company Man
Boys, Dreams and Sansevieria
I Am


The Emperor's Concubine

Director:  Kim Dae-seung
Screenwriter:  Kim Dae-seung, Kim Mi-jeong
Cast:  Jo Yeo-jeong, Kim Min-joon, Kim Dong-wuk, Jo Eun-ji
Synopsis:  A historical drama featuring a Chosun-era love triangle.
Release date:  June 6

Kim Dae-seung returns to period drama after his 2005's Blood Rain.  


Director:  Lim Jin-soon
Screenwriter:  Lim Jin-soon
Cast:  Kim Jung-tae, Song Sam-dong
Synopsis:  An aspiring director and an actor who specializes in gangster roles take a wild two day trip as they decide to make a name for themselves at the Busan International Film Festival.
Release date:  June 7

2 Doors

Director:  Hong Ji-you, Kim Il-rhan
Synopsis:  A documentary chronicling the Yongsan tragedy of 2009 when 5 peoples who were evicted from a building died during their protest.
Release date:  June 21

Miss Conspirator

Director:  Jung Bum-shik
Cast:  Ko Hyung-jung, Yu Hae-jin
Synopsis:  A woman (Ko Hyun-jung) discards a significant amount of drugs not knowing what she was doing.  She then goes on the hunt for them with the help of a shady partner (Yu Hae-jin).
Release date:  June 21

KoBiZ recently posted an english-subbed version of this trailer and I must say that action-comedy Miss Conspirator looks like a lot of fun. The project had some initial setbacks, both Choi Min-Sik and Kim Tae-Woo dropped out filming due to delays but production was nevertheless completed a few months later.  The film has already presold to Thailand and may turn into a summer hit for distributor 9ners with its fun, high-octane premise and colourful Busan setting.

The Heaven Is Only Open to the Single

Director:  David Cho
Screenwriter:  David Cho
Cast:  Choi Yoon-so, Lee Neung-ryong
Synopsis:  Following a scandal an actress is banned from dating but she soon meets a young indie musician who has been alone for a long time.
Release date:  June 21

The King of XXX-Kissing

Director:  Jeong Seung-koo
Cast:  Song Sae-byeok, Sung Dong-il
Synopsis:  The king of flattery (Sung Dong-il) teaches his skills to uptight insurance worker Dong-Sik (Song Sae-byeok).
Release date:  June 21

Filming for comedy King of Flattery began in December.  It is the debut of director Jeong Seung-koo, previously an assistant director on Lee Chang-dong's Secret Sunshine (2007).

Two Weddings and a Funeral

Director:  Kim Jho Kwang-soo
Screenwriter:  Kim Yoon-sin, Park Hae-yeong
Cast:  Kim Dong-yoon, Ryoo Hyeong-kyeong, Song Yong-jin, Jeong Ae-yeon
Synopsis:  A gay man and a lesbian get married while secretly living with their partners who have moved in next door.
Release date:  June 21

A Company Man

Director:  Lim Sang-yoon
Screenwriter:  Park Jeong-woo
Cast:  So Ji sub, Lee Mi-youn, Lee Jae-young
Synopsis:  So Ji-sub plays a hitman who his supposed to take out his partner but things get complicated and soon his employers turn on him.
Release date:  June

Boy, Dreams of Sansevieria

Director:  Yoo Ji-tae
Cast:  Bae Soo-bin
Synopsis:  A coming of age story chronicling the love between two lonely people.
Release date:  June

Popular actor Yoo Ji-tae helms his first feature after having made numerous shorts.

I Am.

Director:  Choi Jin-sung
Synopsis:  A documentary of SM Entertainment's recent Madison Square Garden concert.
Release date:  May 10


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