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KBO: Masquerade Streak Continues After Tight Finish (10/19-10/21, 2012)

Masquerade Streak Continues After Tight Finish

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Masquerade 9/13/12 32.50% 545,866 10,255,655 619
2 Perfect Number 10/18/12 32.50% 534,306 632,824 553
3 A Company Man 10/11/12 11.20% 176,295 963,201 399
4 Looper (us) 10/11/12 6.70% 104,853 453,391 302
5 Brave (us) 9/27/12 3.20% 57,888 1,139,057 248
6 Ghost Sweepers 10/3/12 2.50% 43,776 935,762 218
7 The Assassins (ch) 10/18/12 2.30% 39,101 49,038 227
8 Dangerous Liaisons 10/11/12 2.40% 38,750 255,172 248
9 Lawless (us) 10/18/12 1.90% 30,803 46,713 275
10 Infinite Concert 3D 10/18/12 2.10% 25,313 31,395 84

It was a very close finish for the top spot this weekend but perhaps the race for number one was a bit moot as both the top titles hailed from CJ entertainment. 1.68 million tickets were sold over the frame, while is a slight increase over last year, and the market share was a tremendous 81% for local releases.

Masquerade has now taken the top spot at the box office for the 6th consecutive week and I honestly don't remember the last time that that's happened. Following a slight 20% dip, its 545,866 weekend total was more than enough to edge it over the 10 million, becoming the 2nd film of the year to do so (a record) and also only the 7th Korean film ever to pass that threshold. 11 million will be crossed soon and perhaps it may even have some more milestones in store yet. It has a shot at the record, set earlier this year by The Thieves, but it's a long one for the moment.

Romantic thriller Perfect Number had a decent start with 534,306 and while word on the pic is good, I will be curious to see if that translates to strong holds and some longevity for the film's financial prospects. Next week's take will give us a much better indication.

After a slightly limp beginning, the hitman drama A Company Man slid over 60% for 176,295. It will cross the one million mark within days but that is not a total that distributor Showbox is likely to be too pleased with.

Looper was cut in half during its sophomore outing for 104,853 but that's not too bad for a science fiction film in this market. At number 5 Brave took in 57,888 after crossing the one million mark last week.

Next week Masquerade will finally have to cede its crown as James Bond's much-hyped 23rd entry Skyfall marches into theaters.


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