Monday, July 8, 2013

Revenge Week Begins!

Welcome to Revenge Week on Modern Korean Cinema! We are very excited to be featuring lots of new and exciting content from MKC team members and many new contributors throughout the next seven days as we seek to explore the bountiful theme of revenge in Korean cinema.

This page will serve as homebase for all the accumulated content that goes up during the week so please bookmark or check back to keep up with all the great stuff coming up over the next few days.

Of course the discussion will not just be limited to the pages of MKC as we will be very active across social media so please join us for some very lively chat on facebook and twitter. For the latter make sure to use the special #RevengeWeek hashtag to keep up with the discussion. We'll be asking questions, seeking opinions and perhaps getting into a few heated arguments!

We've already got a good number of people involved but I think there are more of you out there! Still plenty of time and please don't be shy. Many a fascinating piece of writing has never seen the light of day because its potential author didn't feel they had anything worthwhile to share. That is almost always wrong so please consider taking part. Pick up that pen or dust off that keyboard and surprise yourself.

Most of all, this should be a lot of fun. So please enjoy Revenge Week!

Introduction - Seeds of Revenge
A Dish Best Served Cold
Trailers of Revenge! Day 1
Top 10 Korean Revenge Films
Seeing Devils - Violence and Revenge in Kim Jee-woon's I Saw the Devil (Part I)
26 Years - The Ultimate Revenge Narrative
Trailers of Revenge! Day 2
Fatal Femininity, Masochistic Masculinity - The Films of Kim Ki-young
Don't Cry Mommy - A Necessary Lesson Poorly Delivered
Seeing Devils - Violence and Revenge in Kim Jee-woon's I Saw the Devil (Part II)
The Dubious Revenge of To Sir, with Love (2006)
Trailers of Revenge! Day 3
Dirty Blood's Dangerous Payback
Amour Noir - The Tragic Outcome of Happy End
Trailers of Revenge! Day 4
Webcomics Harbor Old Grudges in Killer Toon
Exploring Themes of Vengeance in Small Town Rivals (2007)
Trailers of Revenge! Day 5
Vengeance Trilogy DVD/Blu-ray Giveaway!
Trailers of Revenge! Day 6
Filmic Self-reflexivity and Revenge in Park Chan-wook’s Cut (2004) - Part I
The Vengeful Ripples of Bong Joon-ho’s Mother
Recent “Women's Revenge” Films and The Curious Case of Bedevilled
Filmic Self-reflexivity and Revenge in Park Chan-wook’s Cut (2004) - Part II
Hell Hath No Fury... Part I
MKC Thought Leader's Corner (July 2013)
Hell Hath No Fury... Part II - Diary of June
Reader's Top 10 Korean Revenge Films

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