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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Review: NORTHERN LIMIT LINE Mistakes Nationalism For Narrative

By Pierce Conran

2014 gave us the nationalist call-to-arms Roaring Currents and, following its record-breaking run, the following summer unsurprisingly treated us to its own entree of patriotic balderdash, the melee of melodrama and jingoism that is Northern Limit Line. Going right for the tear ducts, this limp cash cow often feels more like a TV drama than the naval thriller it pretends to be.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review: THE CON ARTISTS Aims Right Down the Middle and Is All the Better for It

By Pierce Conran

There are many things we demand from films, good stories, strong characters, style… the list goes on. However, more than everything else, there is one thing people clamor for the most, particularly in its absence: originality. We readily point out clichés and stereotypes and are quick to lament the prevalence of the done-to-death scenarios that litter today’s multiplexes. This applies to most films, but there are some, particularly within the heart of the mid-level commercial field, that can sometimes get away with it. The Con Artists, released last month, is such a film.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: The Slick, Manipulative and Disappointing Secretly Greatly

When a filmmaker makes a great debut, expectations are bound to be quite high for the follow-up. Such was the case for Jang Cheol-soo, who took the world by storm with his terrific island revenge saga Bedevilled in 2010. When word first surfaced of his next feature, which would see him adapt the popular webcomic Secretly Greatly, the initial buzz was one of excitement. However, as it progressed through casting and then production, it became more and more clear that this would be a completely different kind of film, and certainly not one aimed at the audience that was so enthralled by his debut.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Korean Box Office: Secretly Greatly Not-so-Secret in Great Debut (06/07-06/09, 2013)

The fortunes of the Korean film industry took a dramatic turn this weekend following the release of a major local film which set a slew of new records. Business was booming with almost 3 million admissions recorded over the frame, a significant jump over last year's 2.2 million and almost twice as much as last week. However, the better news was that the local market share lept to 77% (compared with 54% in 2012), following a spell when the domestic industry was having difficulty competing with Hollywood.

TitleRelease DateMarket ShareWeekendTotalScreens
1Secretly Greatly13/06/0568.90%2,064,5863,491,5071341
2Star Trek: Into Darkness (us)13/05/3011.30%284,1351,261,090412
3Horror Stories 213/06/055.60%172,776347,311337
4Furious 6 (us)13/05/223.40%97,7071,708,497291
5The Croods (us)13/05/162.60%82,563819,621272
6Olympus Has Fallen (us)13/06/052.10%60,573113,476283
8After Earth (us)13/05/301.20%37,122524,612270
9The Great Gatsby (us)13/05/161.00%28,7581,391,906132
10Nazuma Eleven GO (jp)13/06/050.50%16,26730,21099