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KBO: A Werewolf Boy Claims 4th Win During Crowded Weekend (11/23-11/25, 2012)

A Werewolf Boy Claims 4th Win During Crowded Weekend

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Werewolf Boy 10/31/12 24.80% 550,880 6,015,700 595
2 Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (us) 11/15/12 21.50% 468,965 1,940,783 536
3 Don't Cry Mommy 11/22/12 19.20% 425,916 538,138 444
4 Confession of Murder 11/8/12 15.10% 310,819 2,109,450 382
5 National Security 11/22/12 6.90% 147,759 188,020 310
6 Masquerade 9/13/12 2.80% 62,631 12,064,506 166
7 Rise of the Guardians (us) 11/29/12 2.80% 50,523 56,850 197
8 Iron Bag Man 11/22/12 1.20% 26,250 42,208 119
9 Tone Deaf Clinic 11/29/12 1.20% 25,876 42,251 203
10 Skyfall (us/uk) 10/26/12 1.10% 23,232 2,349,440 122

During the week the Korean box office reached an unprecedented milestone as total ticket sales for Korean films crossed the 100 million mark. 2006 held the previous record with 97.9 and there's still 6 weeks to go in 2012. Unsurprisingly business was once again brisk this weekend as about 2.2 million tickets were shifted, aided in part by a number of strong releases but it was a veteran holdover that held onto the top spot once again. The weekend was up about 25% over last year while the market share came in at a strong 73% (versus last year's 50%) as 7 films in the top 10 were local releases.

A Werewolf Boy posted 550,880 admissions in its 4th weekend which represented a 40% drop and was enough to push it over the 6 million mark. The film finally seems to be losing steam but should still have enough juice to make it over the 7 million mark though anything further is looking less certain at this point. Regardless, an exceptional and unexpected run.

The final Twilight held at number 2 as it slid only 47% for 469,965. Its total is about to cross 2 million but any more major milestones will be difficult form here on out.

Opening at number 3 was the controversial revenge drama Don't Cry Mommy which overperformed as it recorded 425,916 admissions. The pic was likely fueled by the outrage surrounding the real events regarding underage sexual victimization it depicts. It will be interesting to see if the film can maintain its position but reviews on the pic following its Busan bow were not particularly strong.

Confession of Murder demonstrated another strong hold after falling only 25% for 310,819. The film has now comfortably crossed the 2 million mark and will definitely get over 2.5 but 3 million may be a stretch.

Another controversial picture, Chung Ji-young's National Security, had a mild debut at number 5 with 147,759. The difficult film was raved about at Busan but its torture subject is admittedly not a prime box office draw and it is unclear whether its timing to coincide with the presidential elections in Korea will yield returns. Word of mouth will be crucial for this film so it will be very interesting to see how it performs next weekend.

Meanwhile Masquerade receded another 36% for 62,631 but it crossed the 12 million mark on Thursday, which will be its final milestone: an extraordinary run.

Kid's flick Rise of the Guardians opens wide next weekend while the Korean offerings Tone Deaf Clinic (which sold 25,876 tickets in previews this weekend) and 26 Years will bustle into wide release. I am particularly curious about the latter's performance. However, it may once again be a holdover that dominates the frame.


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