Friday, September 21, 2012

WKR: Masquerade and Bounty of Recent Releases (09/15-09/21, 2012)

Lee Byung-Hyun's smash hit period pic Masquerade gets a number of reviews this week while a wide selection of recent Korean films gets covered all around the world, from DVD and cinema releases to TIFF, Zipangu and Yeonghwa: Korean Cinema Today coverage.



(Film School Rejects, September 20, 2012)


(Modern Korean Cinema, September 19, 2012)

(Hangul Celluloid, September 18, 2012)

(, September 15, 2012)

Bleak Night

(Asian Movie Web, September 16, 2012)

(Asian Movie Web, September 19, 2012)

(AsianCineFest, September 19, 2012)

(Asian Movie Pulse, September 16, 2012)

In Another Country

(Asian Movie Pulse, September 8, 2012)

Masquerade (2010)
(Modern Korean Cinema, September 13, 2012)

(AsianCineFest, September 17, 2012)

(Subtitled Online, September 20, 2012)

(Asian Movie Pulse, September 6, 2012)

The Day He Arrives

(Modern Korean Cinema, September 20, 2012)


(Seen in Jeonju, September 19, 2012)

(Meniscus Mag, July 27, 2012)

(Korean Grindhouse, September 19, 2012)

(Eye For Film, September 19, 2012)

Zero Woman, 1979
(Seen in Jeonju, September 16, 2012)

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