Upcoming Releases - January

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant
Dir: Ha Jung-woo (Fasten Your Seatbelt, 2013)
Cast: Ha Jung-woo (The Berlin File, 2013), Ha Ji-won (Sector 7, 2011)
Production: Dhuta Co.
Distribution: Next World Entertainment (NEW)
Filming Dates: 2014-06-07 ~ 2014-09-28
Release Date: January 14
Genre: Drama
Plot: In a village in the 1950s, men must prove their health by selling their blood before being allowed to marry. A factory worker marries the most beautiful women in the village in this story based on a book by Chinese novelist Yu Hua. When he discovers his eldest son is not his own, he faces a dilemma.

Love Forecast
오늘의 연애
Dir: Park Jin-pyo (Voice of a Murderer, 2007)
Cast: Lee Seung-gi (TV - The King 2hearts, 2012), Moon Che-won (War of the Arrows, 2011)
Production: Popcorn Film
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-07-27 ~ 2014-11-09
Release Date: January 14
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Plot: Despite giving his all, a sweet young man is dumped by his girlfriend. He then meets a beautiful women with a very coarse manner.

Cat Funeral
고양이 장례식
Dir: Lee Jong-hoon (1st Film)
Cast: Park Se-young (Fashion King), Kang In (Hello Schoolgirl, 2008)
Distribution: Indieplug
Filming Dates: 2013-11 ~ 2014-05
Release Date: January 15
Genre: Romance
Plot: Two former lovers meet a year after their breakup when the cat they cared for together dies.

Gangnam Blues
강남 1970
Dir: Yu Ha (A Dirty Carnival, 2006)
Cast: Lee Min-ho (TV - The Heirs, 2013), Kim Rae-won (Sunflower, 2006)
Production: Movera Pictures
Distribution: Showbox
Filming Dates: 2014-04-16 ~ 2014-08-31
Release Date: January 21
Genre: Action-Drama
Plot: Two friends grow up as orphans and become involved with gangs during the redevelopment of Gangnam in the 1970s.

Shoot My Heart
내 심장을 쏴라
Dir: Baek Seung-bin (Members of the Funeral, 2009)
Cast: Lee Min-ki (Very Ordinary Couple, 2013), Yeo Jin-goo (Hwayi: A Monster Boy, 2013)
Production: Jupiter Film
Distribution: Little Big Pictures
Filming Dates: 2014-05-05 ~ 2014-07-27
Release Date: January 28
Genre: Drama
Plot: Following his mother's suicide, a teenager enters a mental institute, diagnosed with schizophrenia. There he meets a young man who is constantly trying to escape.

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