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Wonderful Nightmare
멋진 악몽
Dir: Kang Hyo-jin (Dirty Blood, 2012)
Cast: Uhm Jeong-hwa (Dancing Queen, 2012), Song Seung-heon (A Better Tomorrow, 2010)
Distribution: Megabox Plus M
Filming Dates2014-11-15 ~ 2015-02-02
Genre: Comedy
Plot: A successful lawyer dies by accident and the powers that be in heaven grant her a second chance at life. But this time she takes on the form of a mother and housewife.

Time Renegade
Dir: Kwak Jae-yong (The Classic, 2003)
Cast: Lim Soo-jung (All About My Wife, 2012), Jo Jung-suk (The Face Reader, 2013), Lee Jin-wook (The Target)
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-10-01 ~ 2014-02-01
Genre: Thriller-Fantasy-Romance
Plot: A high school teacher in 1983 and a detective in 2015 join forces to change the perilous destiny of their lovers - 30 years apart.

Dir: Choi Dong-hoon (The Thieves, 2012)
Cast: Ha Jung-woo (The Terror Live, 2013), Jeon Ji-hyun (The Berlin File, 2013), Lee Jung-jae (The Face Reader, 2013)
Distribution: Showbox
Filming Dates2014-08-23 ~ 2015-01-31
Genre: Crime
Plot: A group of Korean assassins and agents seek to take out a pro-Japanese group in the 1930s.

Angry Lawyer
성난 변호사
Dir: Huh Jong-ho (Countdown, 2011)
Cast: Lee Sun-kyun (A Hard Day), Kim Go-eun (Eungyo, 2012)
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates2014-10-18 ~ 2015-01-20
Genre: Thriller
Plot: A lawyer teams up with a young prosecutor to tackle a murder case with multiple suspects but no body or evidence.

My New Sassy Girl
엽기적인 두 번째 그녀
Dir: Jo Geun-sik (Once in a Summer, 2006)
Cast: Cha Tae-hyun (My Sassy Girl, 2001), Victoria (member of f(x) band)
Production: Shinecine/Beijing Sky Wheel Media
Filming Dates2014-09-29 ~ 2015-01
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Plot: Though Gyun-woo still misses his sassy girl, he meets with his first love and falls for her once more, despite the opposition of others.

Home Sweet Home
행복이 가득한 집
Dir: Lee Kyoung-mi (Crush and Blush , 2008)
Cast: Son Ye-jin (The Pirates), Kim Ju-hyeok (The Servant, 2010)
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates2014-09-20 ~ 2015-01-11
Genre: Thriller-Drama
Plot: A politician and his wife get involved in a mysterious scandal as their daughter goes missing just 15 days before the national election.

Western Front (working title)
Dir: Cheon Seong-il (1st Film)
Cast: Seol Kyung-gu (Cold Eyes2013), Yeo Jin-goo (Hwayi: A Monster Boy, 2013)
Production: Harimao Pictures
Distribution: Lotte Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-09-05 ~ 2015-01-04
Genre: War-Drama
Plot: In 1953, towards the end of the Korea war soldiers from the North and South find themselves cooperating in order to survive.

The Hymn (working title)
Dir: Lee Jong-pil (Born to Sing, 2013)
Cast: Ryoo Seung-ryong (Miracle in Cell No. 7, 2013), Bae Suzy (Architecture 101, 2012)
Production: Cinema Dahm Dahm
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-09-10 ~ 2015-01-02
Genre: Period Drama
Plot: During the Joseon Dynasty, lowborn Chae-sun challenges the rule that states only men are allowed to sing while navigating devotion to her teacher and the demands of the king’s father.

Dir: Hong Won-chan (1st Film)
Cast: Ko Ah-sung (Snowpiercer, 2013), Park Sung-woong (The Fatal Encounter), Bae Sung-woo (Way Back Home, 2013)
Production: Film Blossom/Little Big Pictures
Filming Dates: 2014-09-20 ~ 2014-12-06
Genre: Mystery-Thriller
Plot: Following the horrific murder of a family, a detective investigates the employees of a company.

The Petty Bourgeois (translated title)
Dir: Kim Byung-june (Over and Over Again, 2012))
Cast: Han Seong-cheon (Fasten Your Seatbelt, 2013), Hwang Bo-ra (Dachimawa Lee, 2007)
Production: Film New Wave
Filming Dates: 2014-11-05 ~ 2014-11-30
Genre: Comedy
Plot: The story of a typical man accused of his wife's murder.

4th Place (translated title)
Dir: Jung Jin-woo (Eungyo, 2012)
Cast: Park Hae-joon (Hwayi: A Monster Boy, 2013), Yoo Jae-sang (Queen of the Night, 2012), Lee Hang-na (The Attorney, 2013)
Production: Prain Global, National Human Rights Commission of Korea
Filming Dates: 2014-09-28 ~ 2014-11-27
Genre: Drama
Plot: A child athlete begins to fail pressure and frustration when he constantly ranks fourth in his swimming competitions.

Salute d'Amour (working title)
Dir: Kang Je-gyu (Taegukgi, 2004)
Cast: Park Keun-hyeong (Boomerang Family, 2013), Youn Yuh-jng (Woman of Fire, 1971), Cho Jin-woong (A Hard Day)
Production: Big Picture
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-08-29 ~ 2014-11-23
Genre: Family Drama
Plot: When love finally finds the lonely old grocery store worker Sung-chil, he is awestruck by his sudden great fortune until a shocking discovery puts his romance in a new, bittersweet light.

Dir: Kim Hong-ik (Hero, 2010)
Cast: Jeon Ji-an (1st Film), Park Jeong-yook (A Blood Pledge, 2009)
Production: Maruin Cube
Filming Dates: 2014-08-09 ~ 2014-11-21
Genre: Drama
Plot: A tale of bullying and violence in the tough Korean high school environment.

Three Summer Night
쓰리 썸머 나잇
Dir: Kim Sang-jin (Attack the Gas Station, 1999)
Cast: Kim Dong-wook (The Concubine, 2012), Yoon Je-moon (Boomerang Family, 2013), Lim Won-hee (Crying Fist, 2005)
Production: Directors
Filming Dates: 2014-08-13 ~ 2014-11-15
Genre: Comedy
Plot: Three childhood friends, struggling in their careers, meet up for a weekend in Busan. But during their trip they find themselves in some new circumstances.

Girl (translated title)
Dir: Lee Hae-young (Foxy Festival, 2010)
Cast: Park Bo-young (A Werewolf Boy, 2012), Uhm Ji-won (Hope, 2013)
Production: Generation Blue Films
Distribution: Lotte Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-08-03 ~ 2014-10-24
Genre: Mystery-Drama
Plot: A girl is transferred to a boarding school in 1938. She learns of another girl in the school with the same name and soon sets out to uncover the school's mysterious secret.

The Throne
Dir: Lee Joon-ik (The King and the Clown, 2005)
Cast: Song Kang-ho (Memories of Murder, 2003), Yoo Ah-in (Punch, 2011)
Production: Tiger Pictures
Distribution: Showbox
Filming Dates: 2014-07-08 ~ 2014-10-08
Genre: Period Drama
Plot: The tale of King Yeongjo, who famously had his own son, the unruly Prince Sado, suffocated to death in a rice chest during the Joseon Era.

Dir: Shin Su-won (Pluto, 2012)
Cast: Seo Young-hee (Bedevilled, 2010)
Production: June Film
Filming Dates: 2014-08-02 ~ 2014-09-31
Plot: Seo Young-hee will play a nursing assistant working in a special ward in this new film from Shin Su-won.

Old Bicycle
늙은 자전거
Dir: Mun Hui-yung (Love You, 2001)
Cast: Park Sang-myung (My Wife Is a Gangster, 2001)
Filming Dates: 2014-08-22 ~ 2014-09-23
Genre: Family Drama
Plot: A old man works in a marketplace with his old bike, spending time with his grandson.

The Chronicles of Evil
악의 연대기
Dir: Baek Woon-hak (Tube, 2003)
Cast: Son Hyun-joo (Hide and Seek, 2013), Daniel Choi (Traffickers, 2012), Ma Dong-seok (One on One)
Production: LDV Pictures
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-06-27 ~ 2014-09-19
Genre: Thriller
Plot: A decorated detective gets kidnapped one night and lands in a murder case that intrigues a sequence of malicious plot twists in this enthralling tale of crime.

The Classified File
Dir: Kwak Kyung-taek (Friend, 2001)
Cast: Kim Yun-seok (The Yellow Sea, 2010), Yu Hae-jin (The Unjust, 2010)
Production: JCon Company
Distribution: Showbox
Filming Dates: 2014-06-09 ~ 2014-09-19
Genre: Drama
Plot: Based on the true story of a veteran detective who went searching for a girl abducted by an elusive kidnapper in 1978.

The Shameless (working title)
Dir: Oh Seung-uk (Kilimanjaro, 2000)
Cast: Jeon Do-yeon (Secret Sunshine, 2007), Kim Nam-gil (The Pirates)
Production: Sanai Pictures
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-06-11 ~ 2014-09-14
Genre: Drama-Romance
Plot: In order to capture a mob enforcer, homicide detective Jung be- friends his girlfriend, Hye-kyung, only to fall in love with her.

Heuksando Island (translated title)
Dir: Hwa Won-jun (Stray Dogs)
Cast: Jung Doo-hong (The City of Violence, 2006), Ryoo Deok-hwan (Like a Virgin, 2006)
Production: Golden Tide Pictures
Filming Dates: 2014-08-08 ~ 2014-09-06
Genre: Action

The Tramp (working title)
Dir: Kim Gwang-tae (1st Film)
Cast: Ryoo Seung-ryong (Miracle in Cell No. 7, 2013), Lee Sung-min (Broken)
Production: UBU Film
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-05-22 ~ 2014-09-04
Genre: Thriller
Plot: Set in a remote village in the 1950s, a man and his son fall into a web of deception and revenge in this riveting adaptation of the classic tale of ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’.

Addicted to Karaoke (translated title)
Dir: Kim Sang-chan (Highway Star, 2007)
Cast: Lee Mun-sik (Miss Conspirator, 2012), Bae Seo-eun (Doctor, 2012)
Production: Aram Pictures
Filming Dates: 2014-07-28 ~ 2014-08-30
Genre: Fantasy-Comedy

Remember You (working title)
나를 잊지 말아요
Dir: Lee Yoon-jung (1st Film)
Cast: Jung Woo-sung (Cold Eyes, 2013), Kim Ha-neul (Blind, 2011)
Production: W Factory
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-05-23 ~ 2014-08-17
Genre: Mystery-Rmance
Plot: A mysterious woman enters the life of Suk-won, a lawyer who has lost his memory. As their relationship develops, secrets embedded in his memories slowly surface.

A Korean in Paris
Dir: Jeon Soo-il (Pink, 2011)
Cast: Cho Jae-hyun (Moebius, 2013)
Production: Dongnyuk Film
Distribution: Mountain Pictures
Filming Dates: 2014-07-13 ~ 2014-08-17
Genre: Drama
Plot: A Man goes searching for his wife after she goes missing during their honeymoon in Paris.

Fly High
플라이 하이
Dir: Han Gyeong-tak (1st Film)
Cast: Song Il-gook (Entangled), Jeon Soo-jin (Godsend, 2013)
Production: Daesepo Club Co.
Filming Dates: 2014-06-14 ~ 2014-07-30
Genre: Drama
Plot: A small-time gangster who tries to care for his daughter gets involved with a high school student who practices martial arts.

Ireland - Island of Time (translated title)
아일랜드-시간의 섬
Dir: Park Jin-sung (1st Film)
Cast: Oh Ji-ho (Sector 7, 2011)
Production: Go and Go Film
Distribution: Joy N Contents Group
Filming Dates: 2014-06-23 ~ 2014-07-27
Genre: Mystery-Romance
Plot: Following a major accident, a man becomes embroiled in a mystery as he returns to Ireland.

Alice in Earnestland
앨리스: 원더랜드에서 온 소년
Dir: Huh Eun-hee (1st Film)
Cast: Hong Jong-hyung (Be With Me, 2010), Lee Seung-yun (3-Iron, 2004)
Production: Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA)
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-05-31 ~ 2014-07-14
Genre: Fantasy-Horror-Romance
Plot: A hard-working woman transforms her working know-how into a murder skill to earn money and save her husband who is in a permanent vegetative state.

Veteran (working title)
Dir: Ryoo Seung-wan (The Berlin File, 2013)
Cast: Hwang Jung-min (New World, 2013), Yoo Ah-in (Punch, 2011), Yoo Hae-jin (The Unjust, 2010)
Production: Filmmaker R&K
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-03-16 ~ 2014-07-01
Genre: Action-Drama
Plot: Veteran detective Do-chul confronts the tyrannical heir to an untouchable mega-corporation,Tae-oh, to deliver him justice and some hard, heavy blows.

Perfect Proposal
은밀한 유혹
Dir: Yoon Jae-goo (Secret, 2009)
Cast: Lim Soo-jung (All About My Wife, 2012), Yoo Yeon-seok (A Werewolf Boy, 2012)
Production: Bidangil Pictures/Soo Film
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-02-21 ~ 2014-06-03
Genre: Thriller
Plot: A young woman is lured by a tempting opportunity that lands her in the middle of a power struggle between two men of different attributes, as they all fight over love and ambition.

The Taste of Love (translated title)
연애의 맛
Dir: Kim Aaron (Hello My Love, 2009)
Cast: Oh Ji-ho (Sector 7, 2011), Gang Ye-won (My Ordinary Love Story)
Production: Wow Pictures
Filming Dates: 2014-03-01 ~ 2014-05-12
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Plot: After opening up adjacent clinics, a female urologist and a male obstetrician become close and attempt to one another's pain.

The File
더 파일
Dir: Park Yong-jib (Miss Gold Digger, 2007)
Cast: Lee Jong-hyeok (Parallel Life, 2009), Kang Byeol (Don't Click, 2012)
Production: Novus Media
Filming Dates: 2014-04-02 ~ 2014-05-02
Genre: Mystery
Plot: A woman tries to uncover the mystery surrounding a journalist's murder.

Planck Constant
플랑크 상수
Dir: David Cho (Santa Barbara)
Cast: Kim Jae-wook (Antique, 2008)
Production: Film JoseE
Filming Dates: 2014-03-16 ~ 2014-03-25
Genre: Thriller

Dir: Lee Seo (Missing Person, 2009)
Cast: Song Il-kook (Art of Seduction, 2005), Yoon Joo-hee (Never Forever, 2007)
Production: Dasepo Club Co.
Distribution: Dhuta Club Co.
Filming Dates: 2014-02-13 ~ 2014-03-20
Genre: Crime Thriller
Plot: A beguiling tattooist becomes involved in a case of serial murders.

My Dear Brother
작은 형
Dir: Shim Gwang-jin (Mr. Lee vs. Mr. Lee, 2007)
Cast: Jeon Seok-ho (Intruders, 2013), Jin Yong-uk (The Journals of Musan, 2010)
Production: Invest House
Filming Dates: 2014-01-31 ~ 2014-02-25
Genre: Comedy

Memories of the Sword
협녀: 칼의 기억
Dir: Park Heung-sik (My Mother, the Mermaid, 2004)
Cast: Jeon Do-yeon (Secret Sunshine, 2007), Lee Byung-hun (Masquerade, 2012), Kim Go-eun (Eungyo, 2012)
Production: TPS Company
Distribution: Lotte Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2013-09-05 ~ 2014-02-21
Genre: Period Action-Drama
Plot: A female swordfighter raises her daughter to become a warrior to take revenge against the most powerful man in the country.

Angry Painter
성난 화가
Dir: Jeon Kyu-hwan (The Weight, 2012)
Cast: Yu Sang-joon (The Day He Arrives, 2011)
Production: Treefilm
Filming Dates2013-08-21 ~ 2013-11-09
Genre: Erotic-Thriller
Plot: A painter discovers his friend his Estonian girlfriend have been killed. He travels to Europe with the girl's remains, seeking out her sister. Gradually, his true identity is revealed.

Minority Opinion (literal title)
Dir: Kim Sung-je (1st film)
Cast: Yoon Kye-sang (Poongsan, 2011), Kim Ok-vin (Thirst, 2009), Yu Hae-jin (The Unjust, 2010)
Production: Harimao Pictures
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates2013-03-21 ~ 2013-06-03
Genre: Courtroom Thriller
Plot: The police brutally suppress a protest when residents are evicted from the homes. The son of a demonstrator and a police officer die. Their cases are tried in court.

Like a French Film (literal title)
프랑스 영화처럼
Dir: Shin Yeon-shik (The Russian Novel, 2012)
Cast: Dasom (1st film), Shin Min-cheol (No Breathing, 2013), Steve Yeun (The Walking Dead, TV)
Filming Dates2014
Genre: Omnibus-Drama
Plot: Omnibus featuring four parts: ‘A Time to Leave’, ‘A Lady Selling Beer’, A Remaining Time’ and ‘Like a French Film.’

Clown of a Salesman (working title)
Dir: JO Chi-un (1st Film)
Cast: Kim In-gwon (Almost Che, 2012), Park Cheol-min (Another Family, 2013)
Distribution9ers Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014 ~
Genre: Drama-Comedy
Plot: Il-bum works hard to pay off his daughter’s hospital bills but one day gets fired for being wrongly accused as a molester. After series of failures, Il-bum finds a job at a PR company which provides free entertainment to old women in exchange for buying their products.

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